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What we’re about

We are a group of active Baby Boomers who are young at heart, enjoying an active healthy lifestyle, are fit (or want to be fit), friendly and having fun participating in recreational, travel, leisure, healthy, athletic and social events with fun-loving peers, including some community service projects.

We actively promote activities that defy the myths about getting older. We are the 'forever young' generation! Visit our (currently under construction) website and sign up to receive our online newsletter. You can learn more about our founder Carolyn here. Some of the activities that we participate in include:

    Cabaret Style (Old School) Dance Parties

    Travel...all kinds, all places

    Health & Wellness Events

    Hiking, Camping, Bicycling & other Outdoor Activities

    Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Softball

    Family & Inter-generational Activities

    Collaborating with other Fun Groups