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Do you have an interest in studying the Bible?

Let's read it together and share in the discovery! The purpose of this group is to read and discuss the ancient collection of books known as the Bible. This is an open discussion about the Bible as a collection of inspired writings from God. And since these books are from God, what does that mean for us as humans?

We will explore topics such as the story of Jesus Christ, the early Christian church, God's relationship with man throughout history, and Jesus as the fulfillment of ancient Hebrew prophecy of a Messiah.

We will be reading together in the study and discussing the material.

Our goal is that everyone leaves with a better understanding of the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Bring your questions!

Finally, if you are interested in studies located inside the Perimeter (285), please check out our sister group Atlanta Bible Study (www.meetup.com/Atlanta-Bible-Study).

Hope to see you at a study soon!

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Roswell: Ladies' Bible Reading

Coffee Bianco

We will be gathering to read through Proverbs. Please join us!

Smyrna: The Gospel of Matthew @ Rev Coffee

Rev Coffee

We're in Matthew’s Gospel. Just walk in the door, and look for open bibles. See you there!

Tucker : 1 Timothy


Timothy, the son of a Jewish woman and a Greek man, was chosen by Paul while passing through the area of Lystra to come with him on his missionary journeys. In this first letter, Paul, having left Timothy behind in Ephesus while he traveled on to Macedonia, instructs Timothy in the work of being a young evangelist among a congregation in need of much teaching. Join our study to learn what Paul would have taught in churches as well as the example Christians should be.

Norcross: Read about the Good News from the writtings of Luke

Luke is only mentioned 3 times in the New Testament, but appears to be a travel partner of Paul on many of his journeys. He was probably a gentle and was a trained physician. He begins his writings with detailed accounts of two very important babies and emphasized Jesus Christ's sympathy and compassion on people who were hurting. Luke wrote to a person he calls Theophilus meaning a "lover of God" and he wrote with the mind of a careful historian with the heart of a loving physician. He wrote so that his reader(s) might have an accurate and orderly narrative of the life, ministry and message of Jesus Christ. Luke had carefully researched his material, interviewed eyewitnesses and listened to those who ministered the Word. In the 1st chapter of his writings he tells us how God's wonderful news came to different people. Come join us in reading about this wonderful story of love.

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Duluth: The book of Luke @ Zoe's

Zoe's Kitchen

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