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Upcoming Weekend Events:

Saturday Dec 16:

Meditation at Buddhanara Temple in Buford, 9am - 11am, all welcome, no charge.

Meditation Session at Dharma Jewel Monastery, 10am - 11am, all welcome, no charge.

Sunday Dec 17:

Meditation Session at Dharma Jewel Monastery, 10am - 11am, all welcome, no charge.

Beginner's Meditation at Drepung Loseling Monastery, 11am - 12pm, all welcome, no charge.


MeditateAtlanta.org (http://www.georgiameditation.org) Meetup features weekly events representing various traditions of Buddhist meditation throughout Atlanta, such as Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Insight / Vipassana Meditation, and Mindfulness Practice. Drop in any week - newcomers welcome! All events below are free, in English, and open to beginners.

Sundays at 11am: Beginner's Meditation at Drepung Loseling Monastery (http://www.drepung.org/) (off Dec 24)

Sundays at 2pm: Children's Meditation at Dharma Jewel Monastery (http://www.dharmajewel.us) (restarts in January 2018)

Mondays at 6:30pm: Insight Meditation at Roswell Insight Meditation (http://roswellinsightmeditation.org) (off on Dec 25 & Jan 1)

Mondays at 6:30pm: Atlanta Insight Meditation Community (https://www.meetup.com/Atlanta-Insight-Meditation-Community/) (off on Dec 25 & Jan 1)

Tuesdays at 6:30pm: Beginner's Zen Meditation and Buddhism Class (sequential weekly course 1/9 - 3/27/2018) at Dharma Jewel Monastery (http://www.dharmajewel.us/)

Tuesdays at 6:30pm: Medicine Buddha Service at Drepung Loseling Monastery (http://www.drepung.org) (off on Dec 26)

Tuesdays at 7:30pm: Public Buddhist Teaching at Drepung Loseling Monastery (http://www.drepung.org) (off on Dec 26)

Wednesdays at 7pm: Vipassana Meditation at Georgia Buddhist Vihara (http://www.gavihara.org)

Wednesdays at 7pm: Insight Meditation at Sandy Springs Insight Meditation (http://www.sandyspringsinsightmeditation.org)

Thursdays at 6pm: Guided Meditation at Emory Buddhist Club (http://www.buddhistclub.org) (off on Dec 21 & Dec 28)

Thursdays at 6pm: Compassion Meditation at Drepung Loseling Monastery (http://www.drepung.org) (off on Dec 28)

Saturdays at 9am: Zen Meditation at Buddhanara Temple (http://www.buddhanara.net) (off on Dec 23, Dec 30, and Jan 6)

Saturdays at 5pm: Zen Meditation at Jun Dung Sa Temple (http://www.atlantajundungsa.org) (on Holiday Break until resuming January 20, 2018)

Saturdays at 6:30pm: Vegetarian dinner and Mindfulness Meditation at Vien Ngo Lawrenceville (https://www.facebook.com/VienNgoBuddhistZenCenter/)

Saturdays (monthly): Mindfulness Meditation Society (http://www.mindfulnessmeditationsociety.org) at Kim Cang Monastery (next: Jan 13, 2018)

Saturdays (monthly): One-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat at Georgia Buddhist Vihara (http://www.gavihara.org) ( next: August 27, 2017)

Elder Care: Monthly Discussion on Aging, End-of-Life, and Death Issues, Eldercare (http://www.dlmcare.org/)

Georgia Buddhist Summer Camp: May 25 - 28, 2018 (http://www.georgiabuddhistcamp.com) -- our 5th year!

and many more regular events! Visit http://www.georgiameditation.org or write info@georgiameditation.org to get a monthly newsletter!


AtlantaBuddhism.org (http://georgiameditation.org/index.html) Upcoming Special Events (free!):

- Georgia Buddhist Scholarship -- for students age 13 - 22, including cash prize for high school seniors, as well as awards for use at educational programs such as Georgia Buddhist Summer Camp (http://www.georgiabuddhistcamp.com/) or retreats at Dharma Realm Buddhist University (http://www.drbu.org/).

- One Hour Meditation Sessions, Sat & Sun Dec 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, & 23-24, at Dharma Jewel Monastery (http://dharmajewel.us)

- Mindfulness Meditation Retreat, Saturday Jan 13, 9am - 5pm, at Kim Cang Monastery (https://www.meetup.com/Atlanta-Buddhism-Events/events/241666043/)

- Compassionate Samadhi Water Ceremony, Dec 30 & 31, at Dharma Jewel Monastery (http://www.dharmajewel.us/events)

- Guan Yin Recitation & Meditation Residential Retreat at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (http://www.cttbusa.org/)- Beginner's Track in English available, application here at DRBUX (http://www.drbux.org/), March 31 - April 8, 2018 & July 28 - August 5, 2018, in California.


Global Disaster Relief Efforts by Tzu Chi

Please donate to help those in need from recent hurricanes and fires. One reputable charity to consider is Tzu Chi USA, a Buddhist group helping all in need -- already with $7 million distributed directly to Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas. Visit TzuChi.us (http://www.tzuchi.us/)



Dharma Jewel Monastery (http://www.atlantazen.org/), Zen Buddhism Center in Atlanta, invites you to guided meditation and a sequential 11-week fundamental concepts of Buddhism class! Join us for the next cumulative series on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm - 8:30pm starting January 9, 2018! Classes are led by dedicated Buddhist monastics who have years of meditation experience and rigorous training and devote their entire lives to authentic Zen practice. Courses are offered at no charge. Everyone is welcome. Children's class on Sundays. Register today at www.DharmaJewel.US (http://www.dharmajewel.us/)

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