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While the largest and fastest growing bloc of American voters is independents, Congress has become more polarized. Our dysfunctional two-party system has allowed such a divide in our government that the majority of Americans, those who desire common sense solutions, no longer have representation. If you find yourself among the growing number of Americans who are fed up with the current political system, who believe we can do better, and most important, who are ready to do something about it, WELCOME TO Unite America!

The Atlanta Chapter is part of the national Unite America organization with a plan to organize the vast American middle into a political movement built around sensible governance. We are organizing a grassroots movement of Americans –– Democrats, Republicans, and independents –– who feel left behind by both parties and who want our leaders to work together to get things done. We are a 21st Century political organization dedicated to organizing independent voters and supporting independent candidates who desire to put our country ahead of any political faction in order to solve problems.

We hold monthly planning meetings and policy discussions and welcome anyone interested in learning more about the independent movement. Please visit our website at www.uniteamerica.org and consider attending our next meet up.

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