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Our Spiritual Wake-Up Calls - Book Discussion - Marietta Are you looking for a sign from God? Answers large and small are usually so close you can reach out and touch them. Consider the man who wanted confirmation about a job and saw a billboard that read, "If you’re looking for a sign from God, this is it." It’s often that simple. Throughout people’s lives, there are turning points, or wake-up calls. These are very important in the spiritual life, because something significant happens. This fifteenth volume of the Mahanta Transcripts will show you how to: See spiritual cluesLet more of God’s love and guidance flow into your lifeDiscover how God communicates through dreams, the people you meet, a song on the radio, or a suddenly remembered conversationRecognize how you are in the grasp of divine love every moment of every day These spiritual wake-up calls come sometimes in dreams, sometimes in symbols or daily events, occasionally from an ECK Master. Experiencing the loving presence of God is no great mystery. Too often we simply don’t recognize it. But it’s all around us, in the most common comings and goings of our daily lives. What we sometimes need is not just to listen but to hear—not just to look, but to truly see. ********************** Come early to attend our ECK Light and Sound Service and Community HU Chant and meet some like-minded. This could be just the spiritual boost you’ve been looking for! Event Host is Komi Felix Toudeka 678-793-7197


2217 Roswell Rd, at intersection of Barnes Mill Rd, behind Mazzy's · Marietta, GA

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This Meetup group is about an open hearted sharing of spiritual experiences that people from all religious backgrounds and all walks of life have and may not understand.

Have you had a vivid dream that helped you understand a difficult problem? Have you had a dream with a loved one who has passed away and wondered if that was real? Have you had an out-of-body experience or an experience with inner light or sound? Have you had an extraordinary experience of Divine Love?

As members of the local ECKANKAR community, we will share tools and techniques, such as chanting HU, to help you understand these experiences and navigate your own journey back to home to God. Some basic beliefs we hold are: You are Soul. You exist because God loves you. And, animals are Soul, too.

We will help you develop skills to discover your own answers to your inner and outer experiences. You have the God knowledge within you as a Divine spark of the creator. We all walk our own path back home to God. Here, you can meet others who are making the journey.

Sponsored by Georgia Satsang Society, a chartered Affiliate of Eckankar—The Path of Spiritual Freedom.

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