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This group is for anyone that wants to participate in various group spiritual practices such as dance, meditation, enjoying nature and more. All of the practices will be done with the intention of raising consciousness, clarifying the nature of your true Self and finding true happiness/bliss within.

In this group we test / explore our beliefs through practice. Beliefs lead to intentions which energize our practice bear the fruits of our desire. This is the only true value of our beliefs, whether we think of them as requiring faith or not. If you are not sure what intention you want to hold one day, please come anyway because you are very welcome "borrow one" from the facilitator or one of the other participants of the session!

The most powerful spiritual practice is to keep your most fundamental current belief in the back of your mind throughout your day. It could be as simple as "I am," or "I am Love" or "I am worthy of Love" or "Christ is in me" or "I am not (just) this body" or "I am the All" or "I am the witness."

Faith to Practice meetup sessions will provide an opportunity to practice holding an intention in mind while participating in a beautiful wholesome group activity. The facilitator of the session will lead the group to the activity. Each participant brings (or borrows) their own intention, supported by their own beliefs.

Sessions will all start with a brief sharing circle, where we say our name and intention for that practice. They all end with another to briefly share something of your experience in the practice. Sharing is always optional and enough time is made available for all who would like to share to be heard, even if it is just a single word or phrase from each person.

The first sessions will be facilitated by David Gaia Kano and the vision is for members of the group to bring and develop their own facilitating skills to lead some of the future sessions. For information about David, please see the description of his spiritual journey on his blog: http://oceanofspirit.org/davidgaiakano/david-gaia-kano-brief-history/

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Free Silent Practice: Meditation / Mindfulness at KUCC

Kirkwood United Church of Christ

These Silent Practice evenings will include time for sitting and walking meditation, followed by an optional sharing time to reflect on various subjects related to meditation, such as how to integrate a regular practice into our busy lives. Beginners are welcome and instruction is available on request or by coming a few minutes early. Group meditation starts at 7pm. If you would like an introduction to starting meditation techniques please come early, any time after 6:30pm. The sessions are held at the Kirkwood United Church of Christ (KUCC). Donations will be accepted and everyone is always welcome here, regardless of their ability to pay. David Gaia Kano is excited and honored to be the first facilitator and meditation coach for these sessions. This is the first of a series. Subsequent sessions will meet on the second Monday of the month starting in March. The Monthly Silent Practice Sessions Will Provide: * Optional meditation instruction for beginners. I'd like to offer options, including centering prayer, heart coherence, breath-work, etc and allow each person to settle on what works best for them. * Space and time for group silent sitting and walking meditation / centering prayer. * Inspiration and support for regular (daily) home practice(s) of silence (meditation, prayer, yoga, etc.) and mindfulness (staying in the current moment while doing everyday activities). * Optional time for group sharing about personal practice, which provides opportunity for deep listening practice. Outline for the Evening: 6:30 pm optional time for beginners to learn meditation techniques. Setup space. 7:00 10 minutes of indoor slow walking meditation. 7:10 25 minutes of sitting meditation / centering prayer. 7:35 optional 10 minutes social time with tea / nuts / dried fruit. 7:45 optional 45 minutes of sharing / deep listening about personal practice successes and challenges OR reflecting on a short reading of scripture, short video, or other source material. This will start with 5 minutes of additional silent meditation to set the tone. See below for sharing guidelines. 8:30pm close session, clean-up and head home. Please note that this event is being promoted through other channels as well, so there may be more people attending than have responded here. A longer description of these evenings is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mqh8IPpkoRMZB7ZSDWfEXmwHmhsfVHzamlytzw31km8/edit?usp=sharing

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Free Spiritual Dance Practice

CORE dance studio (on the square)

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