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We’re the largest regular French gathering in Atlanta — and, we hope, the friendliest. We meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at Après Diem in Midtown unless otherwise noted.

Because of COVID, Après Diem does not have adequate staff to take individual drink orders, but they will provide one drink for a flat price of $9.00 from a select list of beers and wines (or, if you prefer, coffee or a soft drink). Food orders, or additional drinks, will be handled individually as before, and can be paid by cash or credit card.
Combined with the standard $1.00 fee for each meetup, that means entering the meetup will require paying $10.00 — CASH ONLY.

Anyone arriving without adequate cash can use the ATM located at the bar on the second floor above Après Diem.

Also, anyone attending the meetup will have to provide proof they are up to date with COVID-19 vaccination(s). Either paper or scanned image is okay.

We usually have 40–50 people attend: about 25% native French speakers (from France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Haiti, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Niger, Mauritius, etc.), and about 50% fluent or proficient non-native French speakers. Beginners are welcome, and we usually have 10–20 new people at each meetup. This is just a social gathering. There is no formal structure.

Please sign in when you arrive, and note your country of origin. Those details are not shared with anyone after the meetup, only a total count (by country) of people who attended.

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Due to staffing limitations, Après Diem is not able to take individual orders as in the past.

Those attending must purchase a ticket ($10, CASH ONLY).

That will cover the $1 meetup fee and $9 (includes tax and tip) for a glass of beer or wine (or soft drink, coffee, tea). Food orders are handled separately (via credit card) with our server.

Please write your name on the back of the ticket. One ticket will be drawn later that night for an Après Diem gift certificate.

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