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This will be our 4th Outdoor Sports Recreation Event. Every few months throughout the Spring and Summer, we gather around to play Kickball and Ultimate Frisbee at Coan Park in the Historic Kirkwood area in Atlanta, GA.

Remember those fun times playing kickball as a child? We are recreating those days with music, great vibes, and good people.

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Kicking It Sports: Favorite T-shirt Themed

This will be our 9th event from since we started. We are excited to have everyone join us in a day filled with fun. The theme is "Wear Your Favorite T-shirt." Be sure to where whichever T-shirt that you love or are most proud of. We are planning to play our main activities which include: 1. A a fun/interesting game of KICKBALL where we laugh at all the mishaps that happen when adults play. 2. Ultimate Frisbee where we realize it is harder to catch a frisbee than to throw it. 3. Flag Football where after 3 touchdowns everybody is ready to go sit down and take a break. 4. Capture The Flag where we just run around chasing each other. We also have Jenga, Uno, Spades, and Dominoes. In addition to the games, we will have FOOD, MUSIC, DRINKS, and FUN. Share your Saturday with us and enjoy a great day at the park with great vibes and great people. You do not want to miss it. Our previous events have been free so we are asking for a donation for our 9th event. Sign Up Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kicking-it-sports-numero-nueve-tickets-59808090609

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