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A Quick Tour of Haskell - Beginner friendly!

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Jud T. and Shae Erisson (.
A Quick Tour of Haskell - Beginner friendly!


Come take a tour of Haskell!

Shae Erisson (shapr) will lead a workshop introducing many aspects of Haskell, with a goal of getting a book (War and Peace is a favorite!) from the Internet, then showing the ten words that appear most frequently in that book.

The tour will demonstrate control logic, data types, string manipulation, use of modules, and communication over IP.

This beginner-focused talk requires no prior experience, only a laptop with Haskell installed so you can write the code as we go through the workshop.

Books can be downloaded from

The Haskell GHC compiler environment can be downloaded from

See you in the Common Room at ATDC!
Advanced Technology Development Center - ATDC
75 5th St NW (Community Room), Atlanta, GA, 30308 · Atlanta, GA
How to find us

Elevators are to the right of the reception desk. The Community Room is on the second floor.

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