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The Atlanta Functional Programming Meetup promotes the functional paradigm, by giving presentations and running study sessions on such languages as Haskell and Common Lisp, as well as by showing how the paradigm can be used to improve coding experience in other languages.

One such language is Rust.

Rust started as a personal project of Graydon Hoare in 2006, compiled itself in 2011, and was voted the most-loved language in Stack Overflow's Developer Survey in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Rust is a systems level language that guarantees memory safety, prevents data races, and offers high-level, zero-cost abstractions -- all at compile time.

Rust is especially relevant for users who need to drop into a lower level language when an operation is performance bound. In many cases where people would have been forced to drop into C and potentially cause security vulnerabilities, Rust is an excellent substitute.

Tim Bess will go over the basics of Rust by comparing it against different languages and explaining why the equivalent Rust program must be designed differently.

Rust enforces many restrictions upon the developer at compile time, but in turn offers very helpful guarantees as a result.

Tim is a Software Engineer at United Technologies.