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Audacity to Aspire means having the courage and willingness to direct your hope’s and ambition towards your goals.

This is a Hiking group, as hiking is so symbolic of all of the challenges each one of us must endure in life. We must overcome the obstacles in order to get to our beautiful destination.

Certified Life Coach Taura Wright guides others to having the Audacity to Aspire! We will follow our path to feel the calm of nature, surveying all of it's beauty, hearing all of it's sounds, smelling all of it's scent. Along the way we will stop to engage in thought provoking experiences that will help you transform and reconnect with your unique spirit.

Past events (2)

Hiking Through Life - Sope Creek Railroad Bridge

Sope Creek Hiking Trail Entrance

Hiking Through Life - East Palisades Bamboo Forrest

4058 Whitewater Creek Rd NW

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