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Applied Enterprise Semantic Mining

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Text mining is projected to dominate data mining, and the reasons are evident: we have more text available than numeric data. Microsoft introduced a new technology to SQL Server 2012 called Semantic Search. This session's detailed description and demos give you important information for the enterprise implementation of Tag Index and Document Similarity Index. The demos include a web-based Silverlight application, and content documents from Wikipedia. We'll also look at strategy tips for how to best leverage the new semantic technology with existing Microsoft data mining.

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As you and your team use data mining and analytics, Mark Tabladillo (SAS expert, Microsoft MVP, PhD) increases your confidence in making actionable business decisions. Mark is a 20-year Atlanta-area resident. Mark provides training and consulting for companies in United States and around the world. He also teaches part-time with the University of Phoenix, where he has supervised several qualitative dissertations.

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