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***Please click on "READ MORE" for the group philosophy.*** NOTE - If you join, you are saying that you *want* to be occasionally encouraged to walk.

Saying you *want* be occasionally encouraged to walk means that you are giving permission to be contacted in a professional but polite way by the organizer(s), to: 1. Welcome you to the group. 2. Sometimes confirm if people are going. 3. Sometimes ask people for feedback after events. 4. Possibly follow up after 3-12 months after joining, to encourage you to walk. The initial message at each time above (except the Welcome message) would be sent not to just one person, but to everyone who joined within a time period of a month or longer. (The above is only for if you join after March 2020).

In winter, meetups would start at 1:15 PM or later, so we can have a relaxing weekend! :) 
- (In summer, meetups can start at 10:15 AM to avoid the heat a bit.)

Looking for a chance to walk and hang out with people? We'll meet to take a walk typically around Midtown Atlanta (usually starting near Colony Square or Piedmont Park). This is a community group. We can talk about health, exercise, travel, or social events in Atlanta, or generally whatever people like.  
The purpose of this group is for community, and hopefully people will make friends with each other. Naturally, this group is also for walking - exercise. And this group is for taking "a walk" - to breathe some air, and to see some trees! Catch some sun and make some Vitamin D! :)

- if there at least a 2/3 chance you will go, please sign up :)
- if not, please don't sign up.
- And if later, the odds drop below 1/2 that you will go, please cancel, as there might be a wait list.

# RSVP's NEEDED: In order to have at least 3 people total probably show to an event:
- If 9 or fewer people sign up (including host(s)), then the host(s) should try to request confirmations, preferably due by the night before, hopefully 2 nights before.
- If 3 or fewer people confirm (including host(s)), the event is subject to cancellation.
- If cancelling, the hosts(s) should ideally cancel 1 night in advance, but preferably 2, to give people 24 full hours to see the cancellation.

- Please make sure your email notifications are enabled in:
Your Account | Meetup
- Updates about you:
Messages - I send messages asking for confirmation
- Updates about your groups:
- "Atlanta Midtown Walking Group" - please select most all, especially Changes..., New comments..., and Event updates...
- Please make sure your app notifications are enabled in:
Editing my push notification settings – Meetup,
- Notifications from Meetup:
"Your RSVP status has changed"

WEATHER POLICY- if at least 30% chance of rain, likely will postpone. Priorities: Generally will postpone to:

1. ANOTHER WEEK, same day of week, same time,

2. A FEW HOURS later,

3. ANOTHER WEEK, different day of week, same time,

4. ANOTHER WEEK, same day of week, different time, or


- I plan to never move the date or time up, unless giving a week of notice.

Calendar | Atlanta Midtown Walking Group (Atlanta, GA) | Meetup
- 1st Saturdays - Ansley Park neighborhood
- 2nd Saturdays - Eastside Beltline
- 3rd Saturdays - Piedmont Park, Peachtree Street
- 4th Saturdays - Northside Beltline
- 5th Saturdays - (~4 a year) - Varies. Sometimes Westside Beltline connector? Mercedes Benz?

- SPECIAL EVENTS:  often Piedmont Park:  Events Archive - Piedmont Park Conservancy, Inc.
mid March, St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday  
April 2022, Atlanta Dogwood Festival
May - Mother's Day - maybe have event, maybe not
June - Father's Day - maybe have event, maybe not
Also, early July, The Peach Music Festival
late August, Peachtree Latino Atlanta - Festival Peachtree
late August, Welcome to the Piedmont Park Arts Festival
early September, DragonCon parade on Labor Day weekend. 
Fall, Midtown Atlanta Open House


- 1st Tuesdays, 11:45 AM Quick lunch walk

- 2nd Sundays, FREE High Art Museum, other large walkable museums. outdoor tours

- 3rd Wednesdays, 5:15 PM Short walk after work

- 4th Thursdays, 12:15 - Food Truck Thursdays

This is a reciprocal group. That means this group is willing to publish announcements about other Meetup groups if other groups do so equally. If the other group wants, this group can provide links to other group's events or can copy events from other groups.
Photos used only with permission.
- OTHER IDEAS: biking in Piedmont park. After a walk: going to MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta), eating at Subway, Freshiii, the fancy Hoffman Arts Center bistro, or Atlanta Food Truck Park. Going to outdoor malls or festivals, like Renaissance Festival. Walking along the streetcar path, walking to Ponce City Market, R Thomas, or to Crazy Cuban and back. Historical Markers. Professional tours.  Short jogs alternated with mostly walking. Speed walking (4 mph). Slow walking to music. Long walks: 20,000 steps (~10 miles), and a half-marathon of 13 miles. (~26,000 steps. (~13 miles). Botany. Bird walks. Piedmont Park Guided History Tour (like Sat 10 am)
-  Atlanta Farmers Market in Piedmont Park- Green Market, 12th & Piedmont, Saturdays 9 AM - 1 PM, March-November.
A request is to see waterfalls, like an underground waterfall, and maybe paint during a walk.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midtown_Atlanta
Atlanta Beltline Meetings: Public Meetings | Atlanta Beltline
Marta Meetings: MARTA (itsmarta.com)
Atlanta Parks & Rec: City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation (activate-atl.com)


A log:

  • 2021-08-06: $5
  • 2021-08-23: $5
  • 2022-02: <=$10, <=$10

Upcoming events (4+)

OUTDOORS - Walk leisurely around Piedmont Park!

Needs a location

This is specifically a slow leisurely walk and a shorter event.

Welcome! We meet outside the Botanical Garden Gift Shop, between 2:15 and 2:25 PM. DO NOT BUY TICKETS FOR THE BOTANICAL GARDEN FOR THIS. This location is because there is parking right a few feet away in the Botanical Garden Parking Lot (officially shared with Piedmont Park), and parking in the Botanical Garden Parking Lot is only $5 for 3 hours.

  • Typically holding a RED FOLDER or red Meetup sign. Then we would walk through the Botanical Gardens parking garage, and then around Piedmont Park. We would drop by the parking garage again within 30-45 in case anyone wishes to go home, then then walk around another 30 minutes if people want.
  • Piedmont park roads are very wide, so we can keep our 6-foot distance.

This is a friendly community event. :)

See you!


Please bring:

  • walkable shoes,
  • a water bottle,
  • a hat and/or suntan lotion, and
  • a charged phone and/or a charger
  • Note! Parking can be hard both at Botanical Garden Parking Garage and in the community.
    Botanical Garden Parking Garage: (Can't miss if going to Botanical Garden gift shop). The parking garage is officially shared with Piedmont Park). Only $5 for 3 hours
  • Note: the parking spots for the Park can fill up! (Roughly speaking, the upper parking floors are allocated for Botanical Garden and the lower floors for the Park. When the parking agent asks people if they are going to the Park, some might think the agent is asking if they are parking. Anyway, spots for the Park fill up even though the lower half of the garage might be empty.)
  • If the Park parking spots are full, please park in the community, like to the west
  • 1320 Monroe Drive, Atlanta, GA 30306.
  • Free parking is hard. You might consider parking further away in the community west or south of the park, instead of roads on the edge of the park. You can near "12 S Prado NE, Atlanta GA", https://www.google.com/maps/place/12+S+Prado+NE,+Atlanta,+GA+30309/
  • Speed: Slow pace
  • Length: 30-45 minutes (+ 30 minute bonus)
  • Co-hosts welcome!
  • If you don't want to publicly sign up, that's fine; just message me, the host.

Let's get a few minutes outdoors, and maybe some fresh air!

OUTDOORS - Walk starting at Fox Theatre

Needs a location

Welcome! We meet in front of the Fox Theatre, about 30 feet to the left on Ponce, between 5:30 PM and 5:40 PM on Wednesdays. Typically holding a RED FOLDER. Then we walk to Central Park and back. This is so people somewhat nearby can finish work after 5 PM, and have a shorter walk.

Obviously, work comes up sometimes; please don't worry about marking yourself as cancelled for this event.

OPTIONS: depending on the week, we can walk:

  • N to 10th Street, past Georgia Tech restaurant area
  • E to Central Park
  • W to Georgia Tech campus
  • S to Peachtree Center

Because we have an hour, we can take our time and go at a slow-to-medium pace.

Please join us for this friendly community event. :)

(Typically 3rd Wednesdays)


Please bring:

  • walkable shoes,
  • a water bottle,
  • a hat and/or suntan lotion, and
  • a charged phone and/or a charger
  • Note: the following are separate streets:
  • Peachtree St NE.
  • West Peachtree St NW
    We are on Peachtree St NE. This is often just called Peachtree St.
  • PARKING: Parking is hard. Note if there is a big event at the Fox Theatre, please notify me, and I'll postpone the event accordingly
  • Speed: Slow-to-medium pace
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Co-hosts welcome!
  • If you don't want to publicly sign up, that's fine; just message me, the host.

Let's get a few minutes outdoors, and maybe some fresh air!

OUTDOORS - Walk along Peachtree Street!

Needs a location

Welcome! We meet in a neighborhood at 18 Peachtree Circle NE, Atlanta GA, which has free street parking nearby, between 1:15 PM and 1:25 PM. Typically holding a RED FOLDER. Then we would walk on Peachtree Road. Typically we would go South towards downtown, occasionally going North towards Buckhead. About 1.5 hour walk, less than 2 hours.

This is at a medium pace to try to get towards Peachtree Center or possibly Downtown Atlanta, but if everyone agrees to detour or stop to see something, that is ok. Also, this walk is along the MARTA train and bus lines in case people plan on not doing the whole walk.

This is a friendly community event. :)

See you!

WINTER: typically 1:15 PM
SUMMER: typically 4:15 PM

Please bring:

  • walkable shoes,

  • a water bottle,

  • a hat and/or suntan lotion, and

  • a charged phone and/or a charger

  • Note: the following are separate streets: they are parallel:

  • Peachtree St NE.

  • West Peachtree St NW
    We start on Peachtree St NE. This is often just called Peachtree St.

  • (These roads form the border between West and East in Atlanta addresses)

  • PARKING: parking is expensive but this is relatively less expensive: Promenade Parking Garage, 32 14th NE St, Atlanta, GA 30309

  • You might be able to park in the neighborhood.

  • Speed: Medium pace

  • Length: 2 hours

  • Co-hosts welcome!

  • If you don't want to publicly sign up, that's fine; just message me, the host.

There are shootings in the city of Atlanta. This is why we walk not late at night:

~[masked]: 77 Peachtree Place NE. Driver shot during argument with passenger in Midtown Atlanta
~[masked]: bullet casings outside the Biltmore apartments on West Peachtree
~[masked]: GBI investigates Midtown shooting after police say suspect drove at officers
13th St and Crescent Ave,
~[masked]: Aurum Lounge, 75 Peachtree Pl, NW, off Spring St, about a block S of 10th St,
Unintended victim shot multiple times outside Midtown's Aurum Lounge
~[masked]: Peachtree and Baker Street:
Two female innocent bystanders, 1 man injured in suspected downtown Atlanta shootout
~[masked]: 1 dead in downtown Atlanta shooting
12 W Peachtree Place NW.
~[masked]: 35 14th Street NW 6:30am, Shooting outside Marriott hotel in Midtown Atlanta leaves 2 injured, police say
~[masked]: 700 block West Peachtree Street: (near North Ave MARTA)

(from searching on atlanta midtown peachtree st shooting, and shot)

Again, this is why we walk not late at night

2022 DragonCon parade - date tbd PLEASE VOLUNTEER TO CO-HOST

Needs a location

In past: 3000 marchers - 60,000 attendees.

IF the parade is in person and safe in 2022... let's watch the parade!


ALSO PLEASE VOLUNTEER TO HOST AN EVENT AT OTHER START TIMES... like 8:30 or 9:30, as not everyone will be there at 9am. Parade started in 2021 at 10:00 AM.


Welcome! Approach the parade on Peachtree St NE from the WEST side.

  • We tentatively meet outside "oAK" Atlanta, 30 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW at 9:00-9:10.
  • Typically holding a RED FOLDER or Meetup sign.
  • Then walk together towards the parade at Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW and Peachtree St NE. We can split into subgroups depending on people's comfort level during Covid.
  • After the parade, we would walk toward DragonCon.
  • Note this is two blocks S of Civic Center Marta Station. Please consider pros of Marta (avoiding parking) and cons of Marta (safety).


Annual Dragon Con Parade 2021


  • We all need to wear a mask (except when eating, drinking, and other exceptions)
  • Please try to keep some social distancing. NOTE - consider having an group arrive before 9am with CHAIRS to reserve space. Or else might have to keep moving back as the spots near the parade get more and more crowded.
  • No sneezing or coughing toward the group.

This is a friendly community event. :)


2 months in advance:
*** IF*** you think DragonCon will be held, you might choose to bet on buying Early Bird tickets to DragonCon.

A week in advance:

  • Please consider buying:
  • a very light portable chair
  • suntan lotion
  • a hat
  • please freeze your Blue Ice in the freezer.
  • Please consider making sure your phone battery has good capacity
  • IF you want to go to DragonCon, please buy tickets a week before DragonCon. Buying tickets at DragonCon can involve even longer lines.

See you!


Please bring:

  • walkable shoes,
  • a water bottle or 2 or 3,
  • a hat and/or suntan lotion, and
  • a charged phone and/or a charger
  • Note: the following are separate streets:
  • Peachtree St NE.
  • West Peachtree St NW
    The parade in 2018 was partly on Peachtree St NE. This is often just called Peachtree St.
  • PARKING: Make sure to park on the WEST* side of Peachtree St NW. Do not attempt to cross the parade route when it arrives sometime after 10am.
  • Speed: Slow-to-medium pace
  • Length: 2 hours? The parade at the beginning of the route on Linden in 2018 starts at 10AM
  • Co-hosts very much requested!
  • If you don't want to publicly sign up, that's fine; just message me, the host.

Let's get a few minutes outdoors, and maybe some fresh air!

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OUTDOORS - Walk along the Northside Beltline!

Needs a location

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