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FutureX Live | The Next 10 Year of Tech and Innovation
Promoted Post - FutureX Live: The Next 10 Year: From the personal to the universal: How the next ten years of tech and innovation will shape our culture, companies, and communities. HOW WILL THE COMING DECADE SHAPE OUR FUTURE? We sit at a crossroads. The ever-accelerating evolution of technology is changing the way we live, work and play — both as individuals and communities. Industries that once took decades to form are being invented and upended in a matter of months or even weeks. And though the innovations driving this disruption have the potential to solve some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, they could just as easily generate a whole new host of questions and concerns. FutureX Live: The Next 10 will explore how human innovation is transforming our world today and what it may bring in the coming decade. From the perspective of a diverse group of inventors, creators, leaders and makers, we’ll examine the role that our individual choices can play in creating the best possible future for everyone. Save the Date! (All Day!) Registration Not Yet Open (as of 2 November 2018) Full details of the day, including a schedule of events, will be available soon. To receive updates on the conference and speakers, RSVP to the Atlanta Mixed Reality Meetup. 201 FutureX Live Sizzle Reel --- Would you like your AR/VR/MR/MX/360 event promoted to the Atlanta Mixed Reality Meetup Community? Please email [masked]

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