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This meetup is all about apps and business. Put those two together, you have this meetup. Still not sure? You will meet others who are working in the mobile app business. You will learn how businesses around the city are using mobile apps in their operations. You'll meet mobile developers, marketers and entrepreneurs who are excited about the future of mobile applications. Not yet in the mobile app business? Come anyway, get involved. We'll discuss: app marketing trends in mobile usage things that work things that don't monetization user acquisition how to build engaging user experiences on mobile (touch driven experiences) We'll highlight our members apps and help them find traction. We'll help non-technical people find apps that work in their business. We'll share interesting apps with one another. This is a business focused mobile app networking group. It will be a success if we can help Atlanta continue it's trend towards being a mobile hub of innovation and business success. It is NOT a developer meetup. Our topics will lean heavily towards marketing, business and user experience.

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Show and Tell - Local Mobile Apps

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