What we're about

The word "Guild" simply means "a group with a common purpose."

The Atlanta Original Music Guild is just that. So many of us have spent thousands of hours honing our craft and trying our hand at the difficult life of an artist/songwriter.

Now, as we sit in our homes and shelter in place, things have gotten confusing, frustrating, and a bit overwhelming at times. Gigs have been canceled, jobs have been lost, and creativity can easily take a back-seat in our priority-list amid the more vital aspects of our lives. That's the way it seems, at least.

The reality is that creativity needs an outlet, and creative people have a need to... create.

Thankfully, we live in a world where quarantine can't shut down every venue. It actually forces us to connect in more creative ways. This group is an attempt to provide that much-needed outlet.

Starting at twice a month, we will have a first-come-first-serve participation online meetup. There will be an opportunity to share original music, get feedback, brainstorm ideas, hear from touring artists and even write new material together.

The rules and regulations will be spelled out for you when you sign up, and the group will evolve as the world continues to change. For now... Wash your hands, wear a mask, and let's get creative.

Welcome to the Guild!

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Writer's Workshop

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Writer's Workshop

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