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We’re the Atlanta Photographic Society. We do photography.

All of us seem to own modern digital cameras, computers with photo software, and perhaps up-to-date smart-phones. We routinely do digital still photography, close-up (macro), portraits, action photography, etc., and we have been very successful at achieving enjoyable, artistic, creative work.

There’s another popular, fun, useful and challenging specialty that we could do with the equipment we already have, but which we often overlook. No extra cash investment required, but, yes, extra study and practice are needed to get a handle on concepts and techniques. That’s VIDEO. Check out this short clip -

I’m not suggesting we try Hollywood movies or broadcast-quality TV (although those are theoretically possible); just good, competent one-person made videos that people will watch, enjoy, and perhaps learn from or be motivated by.

CONSIDER YOUR AUDIENCE should be the dictum for all types of photography, but especially video. Video, the successor to home movies and slide shows, can be just as mind-numbingly boring as were those darkened living-room endless torture sessions. But done well, video is the new language of photography, and it can be incredibly powerful. So if we’re to do it, it’s worth learning how to do it well. Let’s learn to speak that language!

Where do we start? We have pro videographer Mo Thakurta as our guest speaker for September 26th. She will get us started by introducing some beginning concepts and techniques and will point out some available resources. This program will be worth your time and attention. So put it on your calendar NOW and we’ll see you at the APS meeting September 26th. More info to follow as we get closer to that date.

What next? Sign-up for APS's first ever Video Class (free for APS members!) We will get together outside of our regular APS meetings to learn video together. Beginning mid-October.

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