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My name is Adrian Wells-Lucas. I'm the owner of The Wells Luxury Group in Atlanta, GA.

I've been in Real Estate for over 29 years and made MILLIONS OF DOLLARS but that came with a lot of time and sacrifice.

Now I've figured out a way to make more money and have more time for myself and my family without owning real estate...and THE BEST PART is, I do 80% of this from my phone.

I can teach you how to make 6 FIGURES in Real Estate, without being a realtor and without owning any property.

Join me for an action packed, interactive ONE DAY seminar where I will show you how to:

1. Find the properties without spending A PENNY OF YOUR OWN MONEY

2. Locate - Apartments, Condos and Homes available for AirBnB

2. Negotiate the terms so you always stay profitable

3. Determine potential profit margins on each property

4. Successfully run your AirBnB business from your phone

Now you may be thinking that this is too good to be true. You may have friends that tried renting their space through AirBnB, and it did not work out. Things like, having a guest that did not treat the place properly. Or a guest that caused damage to the property. Or you may be thinking that this is going to take up all of your time, scrolling through properties, reading endless reviews and so on.....

The truth is, if you follow my EASY AND PROVEN 5 STEP SYSTEM, you are going to leapfrog all of the concerns and risk that you think comes along with AirBnB.

Sign up NOW while tickets are still FREE (limited supply will run out fast!)......

FREE FOR EARLY BIRDS ONLY...I've consulted hundreds of people on how to Maximize Profit on AirBnB who pay me Thousands of Dollars for my consulting and I'm offering a LIMITED NUMBER OF ATTENDEES this information FOR FREE as a KICK OFF workshop for my New Book that is coming out later this year.

MY ONE DAY CONFERENCE is taking place on:

Tuesday, March 20 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sign Up NOW & Get Your FREE Tickets Here TODAY!

This evening of learning and interaction will offer:

* Learning how to find properties and start your AirBnB business IMMEDIATELY

* Receiving tools that guide you through the process and get PROVEN results

* Joining an AirBnB investment club

* Engaging in Powerful Networking with other successful Airbnb Experts

* Complimentary Refreshments

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