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Atlanta - How to Find the Best Deals & Wholesale for Quick Cash
*** PLEASE NOTE *** If you don't RSVP and PAY at the link below, your seat will not be reserved. Click Here to Reserve Your Ticket- If you are new to real estate investing or have not really built a thriving business yet, you might be thinking that the competition is hard nowadays, or you cannot find good deals. Learning to find great deals is one of the hardest aspects of becoming a successful real estate investor. I have been wholesaling since 1987. I have done it pretty much all in the wholesaling arena: local wholesaling, virtual wholesaling, co-wholesaling, assignments, foreclosures, probate, auctions, tax delinquent property, REO, short sales all with just as little as $1 down! Still today I do 100% of my wholesale business with little to no money and you should too! Join me and you will learn tried and true methods by a seasoned investor: - What is wholesaling & how to do it; - What works today - the 4 core strategies of wholesaling (there are 4 subniches to wholesaling) and how you can capitalize them for real estate investing; - What makes a good wholesale deal and where to find them - my 3 favorite ways; - What makes a good "qualified" buyer and where to get him/her; - The Proven 5 Steps System - Just "Rinse & Repeat " - and how to scale the plan up exponentially and set it up on automated pilot - work smarter not harder; - How to find your very first deal within the next week and close in less than 1 month; - How to negotiate and what to say to property owners so you can get them to act now; - How to build your business so you can do it all over again and set it on automatic pilot; & so much more! You will also receive a Take Away Manual with Presentation Training Notes! As you can see this will be a knowledge packed event. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, and as always, network with other investors and professionals, before and after the presentation, who have services and information that can be beneficial to all attendees. *********************************** ADMISSION: I have only 20 seats for this event - Please Register TODAY! There is a good chance this event will be Sold Out prior to event date. Last event sold out prior to event. - $15 - Paid Online - Up to Last Day Prior to Event - $25 - At The Door Admission or Online Day of the Event Click Here to Reserve Your Ticket- ** REFUND POLICY: If you didn't learn anything valuable at the event simply request a refund and we will issue it. No Questions asked. Also if you pay and cannot attend, please cancel at least 48 hours before the event for a full refund. Parking & Directions Plenty of parking in the front. Building 500. About the Speaker Laura Alamery is a real estate investor and consultant with extensive experience in several aspects of the real estate business - she has pioneered several strategies from personal experience that she now teaches nationwide, even to other mentors!. She has practiced real estate nationwide for 28 years and she has hosted seminars and public speaking engagements for over 15 years.

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Atlanta Real Estate Investors Club: Networking and Training is for real estate investors and related professionals that are serious about business, cultivating strong relationships and dedicated to providing access to knowledge and information that can help each of us grow to the next level of real estate investing.

Our group is a fun-filled way to gain information on a variety of up to date real estate topics:

Investing - Strategies and Tips;
Properties and Buyers;
Loans and Private Funding;
Real Estate Marketing Strategies;
Property Management;
Market Updates;

... and more

We welcome both new and seasoned investors/professionals and anyone that is open-minded and constantly looking to expand their own abilities and knowledge base.

The goal of the group is to help investors grow to the next level, while providing information and tools that can be used in the field today.

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