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Are you crazy about Ridgebacks? Are you a sucker for fur that grows in the opposite direction? Do you ever have the urge to go hunt some lions?? Me too, but I can't do it alone. This is a Meetup for Rhodesian Ridgebacks and owners for an afternoon of off-leash play or half day hikes! Also a great way to get info and advice from other owners, and general RR fun. We'll meet a couple of times a month, usually on a Saturday or a Sunday. This is to be a very informal gathering. Once we get up and running, the day and location can be changed to better fit the group. Sound good??

Past events (90)

Cochran Shoals Trail at the Chattahoochee River

Needs a location

Party at Barkway

Freedom Barkway Dog Park

Meet us at East Palisades

East Palisades Chatahoochee Nature Trail

Morningside or bust!

Morningside Nature Preserve

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