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We spend a lot of our life living within our comfort zone. We’re creatures of habit and we like to avoid anything that causes us pain, poses a potential risk or makes us uncomfortable.

So, I ask… what if there are amazing things, experiences, and people out there, just outside our comfort zone that we’re missing out on?

So, I ask …what if it isn’t nearly as scary to step out of our comfort zone as we thought?

So finally … what if you're missing out on your soul-mate or a new opportunity to make a lasting connection by playing it safe.

I want to eliminate any confusion as we explore boundaries at times
• it is scary…
• Sometimes even painful truthfully growth always is…
But it is well worth it!

Why join our group? Simply for the Win! Show up in life fully engage as your highest and best self, perfectly imperfect.

Ready to dive in and see where this journey will take you?

What you can expect.
Throughout this group, we talked a lot about taking action, about doing “it” anyway.
We looked at our comfort zone and why it is so hard to break out of it sometimes.
We established that the outer edges or borders around that zone are the realm of possibility and that we can stretch and expand our comfort zone into those areas simply by dreaming, imagining, and of course taking some action.

We also talked quite a bit about what happens when we don’t grow as people and spend some time being a little uncomfortable.

If nothing else, this group should inspire you to keep an eye on what you’re doing and support you as you move to a change.

Our goal is to take a closer look at the realm of possibility!
This group is fun, engaging and centered around my many years’ experience in the Natural Wellness and Spa Services. I share my personal journey, favorite tips and ideas and action steps for getting outside the comfort zone with you. I hope you find this group interesting, thought-provoking, and helpful and last but not least

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to join our group and go out with an intention to live your life to the fullest, and not afraid to step outside the box, do something daring and see what’s possible when your actions move the dial just 4% in either direction.

Life is too short to stay stuck in our comfort zone. Start diving into the realm of possibility and make every second count!

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