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Atlanta Sitecore User Group Welcoming 2021

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Martin E. and 2 others
Atlanta Sitecore User Group Welcoming 2021


Dear Atlanta Sitecore User Group Community Friends,

Our next Atlanta Sitecore User Group meeting is scheduled for 6:00pm on Thursday, March 25th.

Like last time, we will be using Zoom for the meeting. For the best experience, please make sure that you have the Zoom app installed on your computer or device.

Looking forward to seeing everyone virtually!


  1. Community updates (10 mins)
    Martin English @MartinREnglish
    Varun Nehra @sitecorevarun
    Corey Smith @sitecorey

  2. Spotlight (30 mins)
    Intro to Next.js SDK - Nick Wesselman @techphoria414, Tomas Desmond @ThomasJDesmond
    Devising Sales and Marketing Strategies utilizing the Lighthouse Demo and SFDC Integration (10 mins) – Walt Rolle @waltRolle

  3. Success stories and challenges overcome (10 mins)
    Sitecore: A Marketing Technology Hub at Hexagon – George Chang @georgechang
    Content Hub Migration Gotchas – Martin English @MartinREnglish

  4. Lightning talks (25-35 mins)
    Love the Sitecore Upgrade - Zachary Gay @sitecorezach
    Sitecore Experience Edge – Varun Nehra @sitecorevarun
    Jamstack your Sitecore MVC today - Tony Mamedbekov @tmamedbekov

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