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Who needs snow. Let's go mountainboarding!
Want to keep your legs in shape for snowboarding season? Want to work on some skills in the off season? Want to hit some sweet jumps? Mountainboard. I started mountainboarding 10 years ago when I moved to GA from CO and it is the best cure I have found for the snowboarding jones. Not only do you retain the skills you have on the snow, but you can actually progress - because hell, if you can do it on the dirt, the snow seems like nothing. Is it dangerous? Not really! For one, it's a bit slower than snowboarding. Plus you won't likely get into a situation over your head. I wear pads - wrist guards, helmet, butt pads and ride stuff where I don't fall that often. Where? Well, I happen to have a mountainboarding park in my back yard. But I would recommend for the first outing we meet up somewhere like Yellow River or Piedmont Park and carve up grassy slopes. It's the best way to link turns. Let me know what you think. I can gather a couple of boards and some pads.

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    Welcome to the Atlanta Snowboarders & Skiers Meetup group. There might not be any mountains in Georgia to slide down on with a piece of wood strapped to your feet, but it doesn't mean you can't meet other people who like to ski or ride.

    So join the group and if you are ever looking for people to do things with, whether it is to see a movie, come along with you and your friends on a ski trip, or whatever, feel free to post up a meetup and an organizer will make you the event host of your event.

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