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Are you sick and tired of not having fun weekend plans? Did you used to have a thriving group of friends in your 20s but now it's down to the last 2 or 3 peeps (and you rarely, if ever, hear from them)? Find yourself single and seeking but don't want to awkwardly hit on strangers at bars/clubs?

Whether you're brand-new to ATL or your friends have all "grown up" and gotten married or moved away...if you're looking to expand your social circle (without the awkwardness), meet other singles (without getting creeped on), and most importantly, have FUN, make FRIENDS, and actually LOOK FORWARD to the weekend again, this is the group for YOU.

I used to run the biggest Young Professionals Meetup in the city from 2011 - 2015...we had over 2,300 members, averaged 35 - 50 people per weekly event, and helped thousands of people make lifelong friends, epic memories, and yes, even meet their future spouses (here's looking at you, Zach and Jett :)).

After getting into a relationship (with someone I met off of Meetup), I eventually handed it off to another organizer. At the time, I thought my whole Meetup "career" was over. Fast forward a few years later, and here I am again...in a new age bracket but more importantly, with years of Meetup organizer wisdom under my belt.

So what does this all mean for you?

Here's what you can expect:

1) Smaller, more intimate events so we actually get to know each other - non-intimidating, low-pressure events (15-20 people max) so everyone can get to know each other without feeling left out. Strict no-flaking policy will be enforced. 2 no-shows without advanced notification results in an instant lifetime ban. Every member will be expected to propose event ideas (and if they want, organize them as well).

2) Warm, personal introductions by me - no more showing up and awkwardly standing in the corner while the "good ol boys group" give you the stank eye and silent treatment. Every single person who shows up will be personally introduced to every single attendee. There will be a members enrollment spreadsheet that asks you what you want to be introduced as...and we'll also find common interests/experiences to instantly help you bond with other members (same industry, same career, same college, same hometown or state, etc.). No more awkwardness.

3) Exclusive, unrivaled perks - the first 5 ladies who RSVP (and show up) will be offered a complimentary drink of choice. Those who don't wish to accept this can pass their free drink to another attendee.

4) Non-creepy girls-to-guys ratio - yes, this is a singles meetup, but that doesn't mean ladies need to juggle a line of desperate dudes hitting on them all night. I saw this happen in my last Meetup group...trust me, it's no bueno. All events will be kept at a ratio between 1:1 to 2:1 (so if there's 5 girls, there will be 10 guys MAX). As we grow this ratio will be lowered to be closer to 1:1.

5) Fun times and epic memories - we'll mix up the events from week to week...nightlife, dancing, bar hopping, sports/park days, game nights, hiking, shooting the hooch, boating, restaurants, etc...everything is fair game as long as it's good times for everyone!

6) No weirdos or freeloaders - the theme of the group is "community". Everyone deserves a chance to make new friends and have good times...now, if you're kinda weird to the point where you are bothering people, you're probably going to be asked to leave. Also if you add zero value to the group except for showing up and sitting there...make no attempt to talk to others (even if they are initiating conversation with you)...you won't be invited back to the next event.

TLDR - if you're genuinely looking to make REAL, LASTING friendships without the awkwardness of adulting, you're in the right place. If you're looking for a quick hookup or just to casually come out if other plans fall through, this is NOT for you. We'll make the art of turning adult strangers into friends as effortless as possible for you, but you've got to do two things in return 1) RSVP + Show Up and 2) talk to peeps.

Because We Have the Rest of Our Lives to Grow Old....
Aaron "The Connector" Wang

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