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The Data Science and Business Intelligence Society of Atlanta is a vendor-neutral organization created for the purpose of sharing knowledge and experiences relative to data science and business intelligence, exploratory and predictive analytics.

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Search and AI: The Future of Self-Service Analytics

Roam Innovative Workplace: Dunwoody

John Hand will present: Search and AI: The Future of Self-Service Analytics using ThoughtSpot Global enterprises spend millions on data and analytics every year, yet the vast majority of employees still wait days or weeks for answers to their data questions. Huge business opportunities are missed, all while data and analytics teams drown under a growing backlog of data requests. ThoughtSpot’s next-generation analytics platform lets non-technical business people use Google-like search to easily analyze complex, large-scale enterprise data and get trusted insights to questions they didn’t know to ask, automatically - all with a single click. Artificial intelligence stands to make the most significant impact on the global economy of any technology in the last century, adding $15.7 trillion to the economy. In analytics alone, AI is expected to create nearly $6 trillion in revenue. But that raises some serious questions. How exactly is AI going to change BI? What do data professionals need to know to stay ahead of the curve? What will the economy look like in world powered by AI-driven analytics? ThoughtSpot’s next-generation analytics platform addresses these questions by combining natural language search with a powerful in-memory calculation engine and out of the box AI/ML libraries. The result is actionable insight within seconds for non-technical business people. Agenda: 6:00-6:30 Networking and Refreshments 6:30-7:30 ThoughtSpot in-depth 7:30-8:00 Questions and Discussion www.ThoughtSpot.Com DS/BI Atlanta will also be celebrating the milestone of having over 4,000 wonderful members. We want to thank everyone for supporting our Meetup group, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to host interesting speakers and discussing data science and business intelligence topics. Thank you for being a member.

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