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FREE GRAMMAR SPANISH CLASS “Pronombres indefinidos y negativos”
FREE GRAMMAR SPANISH CLASS Indefinite pronouns algún (a,s) are used to describe an indefinite quantity, the indefinite pronouns alguien, algo are used to describe a complete quantity, and the pronouns like nadie, nada are used to describe an absence. If you are an intermediate level Spanish speaker and you would like to learn how to use correctly this kind of pronouns join us to this class. Our sponsor “Escuela Mexicana” is inviting you to participate in a Grammar Spanish class by skype. Time: from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm (Atlanta time) Suitable for: INTERMEDIATE . How can I reserve? It is as simple as clicking on the RSVP section, follow the instructions, and all the associated information will be sent to you via email. IMPORTANT All online classes have a participant limit of 6 students. Once you have reserved a schedule/timetable, make sure that you attend and/or cancel in due time so as to not deprive other students of the opportunity to participate. Additionally, always put attention to the level of the class or workshop you are reserving. It makes no sense for beginner students to join a class or workshop advised for Intermediate or Advanced-level students. We will often offer classes and workshops for all the levels in our program, all you need to do is wait for the appropriate one for you!

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Do want to practice your Spanish? Do you want to learn more about the language and its different cultures? Do you want to connect with other Spanish speaking people, native or not? Do you miss speaking Spanish?

This is the group for you!All levels of proficiency are welcomed!

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¿Quieres practicar tu español? ¿Quieres aprender más sobre el idioma y sus diferentes culturas? ¿Quieres conectarte con otras personas que hablan español, nativos o no? ¿Extrañas hablar en español?

Este es el grupo para ti!Todos los niveles son bienvenidos!

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As the Atlanta Spanish Ambassador of Duolingo and the founder of “Escuela Mexicana” in Guanajuato, Gto. Mexico, I have been teaching Spanish for more than 20 years,It is my passion to teach my language and culture, that is why when I moved to Atlanta I initiated the “Atlanta Spanish Language Meetup” bringing people together and teaching them through different methods such as skype lessons with my school, in-person grammar and conversation workshops, cultural events and other fun and engaging activities.




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