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What we’re about

ATL Startup Village is the largest bi-monthly gathering of entrepreneurs in the southeast, hosted at Atlanta Tech Village.

The goal is to provide a forum for the new expression of ideas and business (in a five-minute pitch model), but also give entrepreneurs a place to discuss roadblocks and moving forward in a fun, friendly, inclusive environment. This group is focused on all Atlanta startups, not just technology startups, to broaden exposure and realize that all startups use technology and can benefit from one another.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram with #atlsv. Prior event recordings can be found at ATV Live Events.
Why pitch at ATLSV?
Startups pitch for all sorts of reasons, typically one of the following:
• Funding (many investors attend or watch online)
• Visibility (for beta testing, more users, brand, upcoming launch or pivot)
• Practice (pitching, answering questions, finding gaps in pitch)
• Hiring (need to find more team members/co-founder, etc)
• General idea validation or product/market fit
Presenter Requirements: 
The company should be considered a "startup" (in size, age, funding, etc); must have something demo-able for 4-5 minutes (a prototype if a physical product, or a beta version at minimum if software or tech); and that their primary operations/base are in the Atlanta metro area.
Service providers who wish to reach the ATLSV audience can participate in the following ways:
• Beer sponsors, who cover the cost of the beer for attendees, and receive 1-2 minutes in front of the audience at the beginning of the event
• Volunteers*, who man the front door and set up or take down chairs, etc, as needed, and receive 30 seconds in front of the audience at the beginning of the event

How to Apply
To learn more about being a presenter or volunteer, please send an email to hosts Christian Ross ( and Kristin Slink ( Thank you!


Update on Logistics: 
We’ve showcased more than 350 startups, supporting them in their journey to success. ATLSV alums have scored investors, multiple funding rounds, acquisitions and incredible hires, and we hope we had a little something to do with that.
And after seven and a half years, we were ready to shake things up a bit!
Starting with our January 2020 event, ATLSV moved from a primarily monthly format to every other month. This will give our presenters more time to truly polish up their pitches, and provide stronger value for our attendees. 

Now with Prizes!
But wait, there’s more -- we’ve tweaked the format with 4 vs. 5 companies, 5-minute pitches, but we’re adding just a little more incentive for presenters to bring their A-game: Audience Favorite voting tied to a pretty fancy prize! (Not just the bragging rights, though those are pretty cool too!)

The audience-selected “winner” from each event will have the opportunity to compete in a “Pitch-Off” at the final ATLSV of the year. Up for grabs is one year of two reserve desks and parking valued at $13,000 (if you're a current villager, you get a credit to your account)!