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We are a community of tech professionals and enthusiasts that are inspired and passionate about technology in all forms and applications. We are focused on connecting the Atlanta Tech community through the simplest form of communication…a conversation.

Atlanta Tech and Beer (http://www.techandbeers.com/) is a platform for technology professionals and entrepreneurs who wouldn’t normally cross paths to meet, collaborate, and learn about what their peers are doing in our own community.

TAB is one of the fastest growing tech community focused groups and we welcome you to join thousands of TAB members. Learn more about TAB and what we are all about:


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Data Science Development Series | Session 1: Machine Learning 101

We are excited to introduce our Data Science Development Series, a free 6 part series that will provide you with the fundamental knowledge to start your career in the field of Data Science. Our sessions are led by expert instructors who are responsible for delivering advanced analytical and data-driven solutions for the industries leading brands. DSDS is open to anybody interested in learning more about Data Science, and we welcome you to join us and start your journey into the exciting field of Data Science. Session #1: Machine Learning 101 Instructor: Jingjing Cannon | Data Scientist at Home Depot Part I: Basics (20min) -General introduction -Data pre-processing methods -Machine Learning model development and validation -Basic Data visualization in Python Part II: Supervised Machine Learning (30min) -Algorithms introduction: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees and Artificial Neural Networks. -A Case study of a RecSys Conference Challenge to compare above algorithms. Part III Unsupervised Machine Learning (10min) -Algorithms introduction: K-means and hierarchical clustering -High-dimensional data visualization examples in Python Part IV Open Q&A (30min) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Data Science Development Series is brought to you by: -Southern Data Science Conference -Pandera -TAB Our Data Science Development Series Schedule: Machine Learning 101 (05/27) Computer Vision 101 (06/03) Deep Learning 101 (06/10) NLP 101 (06/17) Search & Relevancy 101 (06/24) Recommendations 101 (07/01)

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