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Calling all Xamarin developers in the Atlanta area! We have started this Meetup to create a group which fosters the sharing of ideas and learning on Xamarin. This spectacular platform is an ideal digital solution that enables developers to easily create cross-platform mobile apps using a device's native UI with C#, simplifying mobile application creation. We hold hands-on sessions, solve problems, and bring in various speakers to cover a range of mobile development topics. This growing platform is young and together we'll be able to share ideas and challenges to make all our lives a little easier. If you're a developer, designer, manager, QA or mobile user, this group is right for you!

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UI Specific Design using available GUI tools
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Last meetup, I was excited to learn more about designing, but it was all either prototypes which can't be used for dev or programmatically. Being a UX Designer, I'd be interested in learning more about cross-platform and system specific tools to help people like me (who don't deal with c#) get the results we are looking for . Basically focusing more on layout resources , axml and xib manipulation/output, Resources for different screen sizes etc. I loved the Microsoft Office location so if we could secure that, I think it worked well for us last time.

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Transform Mobile Experiences with Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Training Center

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