Canceled Meetup

Learn to tango, Sundays, Concourse Athletic Club. $12



ENDS JUNE (no class after JULY). .

(until further notice)..

We didnt get enough participation to keep the room at the club..

Learn to tango, Sundays, Concourse Athletic Club. $12
We play modern and traditional tango music..

For real time announcements, join
"Atlanta Tango Bar" on facebook (the whole tango community is here)..
We have to cancel some weekends, And all real time announcements are on FB only..

Info on the class:

Twilight Milonga - Cancelled as of March 2013..
There is no TWILIGHT or OASIS dance right now..
Will resume when there is enough interest..
Meanwhile, check out the other tango dances in atlanta..

Twilight Milonga (formerly Oasis tango)
Atlanta’s only mixed music milonga (tango dance)..
Beginner Friendly early evening (tango class at 8PM)..

I remember dancing being uncomfortable, but that was back when I didn't have a clue what to do.. The uncomfortable feeling was replaced by fun from my very first dance lesson.

Dancing is probably the best hobby we can have.. Have fun, get exercise, and meet friends all in one go.. Learn to dance and you will never think of going to a singles dances ever again..

Typically guys lead, but we are a modern group, so any gender can lead or follow by choice, rather than by gender dictation. Changing lead and follow roles is always OK as a modern idea, just for fun, or to improve your dancing. Everyone is welcome at Oasis tango..,

This not about spending years of hard work becoming a great dancer.. There will always be dancers just as bad.. or as good as you are on the dance floor, and we all tend to become part of a circle of dance friends before you know it.. This is actually about getting the dance bug and having a good time at the dance socials, which is easy to do because dancing is fun from the very first lesson..

Dancing is the quintessential perfect way to mingle.. The magic happens when you (me, anyone) is havining a good time, because this is when we are the most attractive to others, by being in our element, and in the zone.

I suggest just showing up even if the meetup RSVP doesn't look so hot, because most people who show up are tango dancers from the tango community (and are not on meetup). Twilight milonga is a small dance night of 20-30 dancers (I don't want anyone to expect more and be disappointed).. $10 buys a tango lesson, the milonga, and light snacks..




EXAMPLE of modern tango dance: ,,

All classes are beginner friendly, but all levels are welcome, and you do not need a partner.. Practice on your own, or join our class. Shoes should be able to pivot on the floor (not be too sticky).. Rotating with the class is always optional, but recommended. ,