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We have some very good news. This project-oriented group has done so well that it's project is complete. It's time to shut this Meetup group down.

Due to the efforts of many people, including William Kurkian, Ben Davis, George and Wilma Turner, Scott Booher, Montserrat Kollofon, and others, our project succeeded. We found a specific project to focus on and implement: Politician Truth Ratings ( If you want to help out please contact us (

Meanwhile, so you can see where we've been, below is the About page.

See you somewhere on the trail of Analytical Activism!

Jack Harich


Welcome to a whole new type of activism!

If you are tired of making little or no progress on large-scale systemic common good problems like climate change, corruption, discrimination, or economic inequality, and you think it’s possible to take an analytical approach instead of the grassroots activism approach that currently prevails, then this is the group for you.

Analytical Activism ( is the use of analysis instead of intuition and trial and error to solve difficult activist problems, whether they be environmental, economic, social, or political. The core strategy is to take a businesslike engineering approach and apply business tools to social problems, using tools such as root cause analysis, social force diagrams, feedback loop modeling, and a problem solving process that fits the problem. While such tools may sound complex, they are not. An example of one of these tools is shown below.

We've got some challenging activist problems ahead of us, especially since the rise of authoritarian populists, not just in the United States but all around the world. However, this group is non-partisan. We are working to analytically improve the common good of all. Check your party or candidate ideology at the door.

If you have business management, engineering, or analytical skills, your input could make a big difference. In particular we are looking for Javascript full stack developers, since our main project is an online implementation of Politician Truth Ratings.

We meet on the second Sunday of each month at 2:00 PM. Our two key documents are:

• General Plan ( - Describes our project as a whole.

• Training Plan ( - Describes how project members can learn the analytical tools.

We also have a discussion forum. Here's the new one ( and the old one (

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