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Fun and Camaraderie At Obrian's Tavern Every Saturday
There's no doubt about it, we have fun and camaraderie as a chess club. Everyone is welcome. Inasmuch there are regulars, from now on I am setting the schedule every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Please NOTE - this is a new time! Obrian's is changing their hours for the summer, and they will not start serving food and drinks until 3:00 PM. But they will let chess players in starting at 2:00 PM. But I need those who are coming to post their intention to come so that people would be sure we have some someone to play with. These past weeks we averaged 6-8 players at any time. Regulars have expressed their intention to go to the tavern even if I am not available. Since Obrian's welcome us, and our camaraderie ensure decorum and a friendly atmosphere, we are now scheduled every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. We have our regular informal tournament at G/30;d5, and we just take turns to play with the available players. Drinks and food are great in Obrian, so come on over and have a great time. Playing is free, and having fun may be optional but will surely come great!

O'Brian's Tavern

2486 Mount Vernon Rd · Dunwoody

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We are a group of people who believe that the game of chess can bridge the differences in culture and personality to create a better community. We want to see people come together to enjoy their time and challenge one another in an environment of respect and trust. The Atlanta Chess Club works to facilitate gatherings, teach students, coach teams and most importantly build friendships.

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