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TriQbe Weekly Meeting
Welcome to the Legio TriQbe! We empower men to win in their lives through clarity, commitment, and inspection so that each man lives his life as the man he always wanted to be. Our weekly meetings start at 7pm and end at (or around) 10pm on Tuesday every week. Locations vary weekly and are always outside, rain or shine, hot or cold, in a park, somewhere within Atlanta and surrounding communities. Dress according to current weather conditions. Our meeting activities, discussions and participants are CONFIDENTIAL. You may NOT talk about what you see, hear or do, to anyone that is not here in this circle. You MAY discuss ALL that you learned from your experience to anyone that you want. Confidentiality gives this circle the power to change men’s lives and be the man they always wanted to be. We welcome all men to join us. • Bring Exact Cash. Dues are $5 (please have exact change) for everyone and we offer a money back guarantee for all first time guests that don't think they have gotten their money's worth. Some items you may want to bring with you: a chair, water, Gatorade, tea, or whatever please you, snacks if you choose to have them, some clothes you won't mind getting dirty, sweaty, grassy, a towel to wipe down sweat, bug spray, a mind open to experiencing men supporting other men. If you are lost or can't find us, please call Gary Macaluso at[masked]

Merritt Park

501 Wallace Road · Marietta, GA


What we're about

We are a group of men committed to empower men to win in their lives by providing clarity, commitment and accountability in s safe circle of trust.

We all post our events here on meetup and provide more information on training programs on

We want to help you be the best at who you are. We are made up of black, white, straight, gay, married, single, divorced men who range in age from 18 to 78.

Various teams of men meet all over Atlanta weekly. You can come to one meeting or come to several. Meetings are with teams of men from 5-15. We meet all over town.

Some common options are:

Mondays @ 7:00pm Chastain Park

Tuesdays @ 7:00pm Roswell/Alpharetta

Tuesdays @ 7:00pm Various locations

Thursdays @ 7:30pm near Doraville

Thurs days@ 8:00pm near Candler Park

Not every meeting is announced on meetup, so please contact any of the event organizers if you are interested in attending a meeting that is not listed. We can usually find a meeting that fits your schedule best.

What we are not:

MLM based

Sales based

Religious based

12 Step based

We are A Circle of Men who do the following:

Provide a safe place to drop your "social mask" and GET REAL around men

Don't buy the excuses you tell yourself to justify "playing small" in your life

Compassionately "call you out" when you're bullshitting yourself or others

Offer moral and emotional support through the challenges we all face as men (no pity parties, though)

Will be honest, direct and authentic about how we experience you

Will demand your best, and expect that you demand the best from us

Will strengthen your relationships with others in your life; "steel sharpens steel"

Offer insightful feedback on your life situation and relationship with career, women, family, money, etc.

Give you a place to bring your biggest challenges, without being judged, shamed or ridiculed

Challenge you to "play a big game" in your life, take risks, face your fears and push your edges to help you grow as a man and as a human being - and expect the same of you.

If this sounds like something you'd interested in, then we should talk.

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