What we're about

We at Cox Automotive have some of the best Atlanta software engineers, SDETs, BAs and Agile Coaches. To give back to the community we will facilitate discussions about some of the most powerful technologies we use, from languages, frameworks, pipelining and continuous delivery to name a few.

People who can join us are other software engineers, SDETs and BAs who want to keep their skills sharp. If you care about your craft and want to share what you've learned, join us!

Our activities can vary from session to session, including presentations on specific technologies, panel discussions about conferences we attended, or we can bring in speakers from some of our vendors or sister companies within Cox. We hope to create a community that fosters learning and networking.

What is this meetup not for?

Recruiting and sales! We don't do it and we don't allow recruiting agencies and/or other companies to do it.

Past events (40)

Online Meetup. Three 15 minutes lightning talks.

Online event

My Friend Redux

Cox Automotive 7000 Building

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