JavaScript: The New Lingua Franca / Serverless Architecture


Howdy folks! This month Riaz Virani will address the question: what can't you do with JavaScript?, while Allen Underwood will talk about serverless architectures.

JavaScript: The New Lingua Franca

JavaScript has arguably the most dynamic and fastest-moving ecosystem of any programming language. While that can lead to tool/library fatigue, it also leads to extraordinary possibilities. Today, you can use JavaScript to write production-ready applications for mobile, desktop, voice, and even IOT platforms. During this talk, we'll talk about the various tools in the ecosystem to build these applications and the trajectory of the ecosystem that lead us here.

Riaz Virani has been helping build software for 7 years. Currently, he serves at the CTO and Lead Developer at Load Up Technologies in the Atlanta area. While Ruby is his original love, the exciting developments in JavaScript always beckon his curiosity. Riaz is also an avid movie and history buff. You can read more of his musings at (

How to Create a Serverless NodeJS Application for the Cloud

Part of the frustration in any project is getting your entire system set up, and once you do, you then need to replicate that in a production ready, hardened manner for when your app goes live. What if you could take away all that burden of getting your architecture set up and focus on making an application work? That'd be amazing, right? The objective of the presentation is to show you how that is possible today.

Allen Underwood is a Software Architect for Bay Dynamics, a cyber risk analytics company that enables some of the largest companies in the world to continuously quantify and reduce the financial impact of cyber risk. Allen is also the Co-Host of one of the best (biased) and most popular coding podcasts on the planet, Coding Blocks ( Allen has been a professional software engineer for roughly 20 years and loves learning and playing with all the ways to solve business challenges through technology.