Immersive VR Brand Engagement and the Teams that Delivered

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Look behind the scenes at how VR projects are implemented. ATDC has invited AMMO to host a panel to discuss how brands and vendors have teamed up to build the most immersive VR experiences.

GT Recruiting VR Experience:
Simit Shah (Assistant Athletic Director, Brand & Ideation @ Georgia Tech Athletic Association) & Dave Beck (Managing Partner, VR Leader @ Foundry 45) discuss their partnership to build the most immersive recruiting tool college football has seen.

Also joining us will be John Buzzell, co-chair of the VR/AR Association’s global Marketing Industry Committee and serves as President of the VR/AR Association’s Atlanta chapter.

Adam Sharpe, Director, Content Strategy at ⇲You Are Here will be with us to share

practical & compelling use cases for VR as an experience gap filler – because there are many things in life you can try before you buy, but others that you can’t.

What does it feel like to climb Everest?

How big is the stateroom on a Carnival cruise compared to the room with a balcony?

Just what sort of obstacles can the latest off-road vehicles actually tackle?

What’s the view look like from the 50-yard line of my alma-mater’s football field?

Some of these experiences are out of your immediate reach - but 360 VR helps fill these experience gaps and develop new promotors for your company or product.

Sarah Woodward @ stablekernel will moderate.

6pm-6:45pm Networking (with light snacks and drinks)
6:45-7pm Welcome to ATDC (remarks on Innovation from Corbett Gilliam - Corporate Development Manager)
7pm-8pm Welcome to AMMO & Panel (brief update on AMMO & Atlanta Mobile Awards then panel discussion)
8pm-9pm Networking & wind up