Hightech Homebuyers - How to Raise Private Money


How to Raise Private Money to Fund ALL Your Deals!

with Don DeRosa

This is an AMAZING TIME TO BUY real estate. But whether you’re going to buy bank-owned houses, foreclosures, or short sales for pennies on the dollar, you need CASH to do it. And given the tight credit market, Private Money is the KEY to taking advantage of the amazing deals out there in the market today. If you have all the private funds you need, you can buy all the houses you want. But you need to know HOW! And asking someone to lend you money is almost never a comfortable conversation.

Join Don DeRosa (http://atlantareia.com/biographies/don-derosa/) at the High Tech Home Buying Creative Deal Structuring Subgroup on Monday, March 6th from 5PM to 6PM at the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting at the Doubletree where he will share how to get all the private money you need to buy all the houses you want in this market.

He’s going to share some of his tips – like the 15 second ‘infomercial’ he gives when someone asks him “What do you do?” – which inevitably leads to a conversation on Private Lending. But, as you’ll see, Don never asks them for money. The conversation leads to THEM ask HIM about how THEY can lend HIM money. Yes, it really works. And when you leave, you’ll know the exact words to say to a potential lender. Hope to see you there!

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