The Hightech Homebuyers Creative Deal Makers Group with Don DeRosa


The High Tech Home Buyers Creative Deal Makers Subgroup

Dec 10th, 5PM at the Meeting Before the Meeting with Don DeRosa

Do You Want to Learn the Fastest, Easiest & Most Affordable Way to MARKET Your Real Estate Business?

It’s a proven fact that real estate has created more millionaires than any other investment in history, so what’s stopping you from being the next real estate multi-millionaire? I’ll tell you... Marketing!

Whether you know it or not, as real estate investors, we are all in the “marketing” business. Yes, “real estate” is our product and “solutions” is the service we provide, but we are in the marketing business. You must learn how to be a great marketer to be able to find great deals no one else can and be able to attract cash buyers so you can close within days.

During this meeting, I will share tons of useful and up to date information and teach you how to become a “Marketing Machine” and the “Go-to Person” for hot deals in your market.

Some things you will learn...

Developing Your Marketing Plan on a Limited Budget
Branding Your Business
Prospecting for Leads vs. Advertising for Leads
Many Different Low Tech, Low Cost Lead Generation Strategies & Techniques
Answers to your questions and more!

So what are you waiting for? RSVP and come join Don DeRosa this month at the High Tech Home Buying Creative Deal Structuring Subgroup (AKA the "Meeting Before the Meeting") at 5PM Sharp to learn how to become a lead generating machine!