Atlanta REIA Main Monthly Meeting with Roger Herring


Making Money Without Making Money! The Wealth Building Magic of Rental Real Estate.
with “The Investor’s Accountant” Roger Herring

Atlanta REIA Members Can Attend for no charge.
Guests Can RSVP Online Now at for $20 or Pay $25 at the Door.

43% or MORE! That's how much of YOUR INCOME you could give back to the government! Once you have MADE the money, wouldn't it be great to KEEP IT? There's a way and it is perfect for you!

You got into real estate because it is big money and awesome tax breaks. Then you go to your accountant at tax time and you find out you owe a whole pile of money! What happened to the tax breaks? They are plenty of tax breaks for real estate, but you don’t qualify because you’re in the wrong kind of real estate or only doing real estate one way.

When people think of real estate investment, they’re often thinking about flipping or wholesaling property. After all its fast and its sexy. The problem is these activities generate ordinary income, the most taxed income there is! How do you shelter it? The answer is traditional rental properties!

It is no secret that most investors have built real long-term wealth using traditional rentals. Why does it work? Because rentals have extremely favorable tax treatment: We get to reduce income now. We get preferential treatment on sales. We can even defer our gains indefinitely.

Come to the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on Monday, January 13th and let me show you why I have clients that have PAID NO TAX in over 10 years! I call it "Making Money Without Making Money."

Join me at Atlanta REIA and you will learn:

- The Power of the IRS Designation Real Estate Professional
- The Phantom Loss: What it is and how we create it
- Depreciation Strategy: The landlord's best friend
- Cost Segregation Strategies
- Using 1031 exchanges
- Other People's Money-Correctly using leverage

It's your MONEY. Come out on Monday, January 13th from 5PM to 9PM at the Atlanta REIA Monthly Meeting at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA and let me show you how to protect it from the TAXMAN!


The Atlanta REIA Main Monthly Meeting is held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:00 PM at a NEW LOCATION at the City Of Light located at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA. This is our Main Atlanta REIA Meeting for the month, so don’t miss it!

Official Atlanta REIA Members can attend at no charge. Guests may attend for $20.00 (membership fees & cover charges subject to change).

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There will also be Late Nite Networking at the “meeting after the meeting” starting at 9:30 PM at a local pub we announce at the meeting immediately following the Main Meeting.

We hope you will come out and eat, drink, network, learn and have fun with us! Atlanta REIA Members and Guests can attend Late Nite Networking at no charge. We simply request you order food and beverages from the the pub and tip the wait staff generously.

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