Atlanta REIA Main Monthly Meeting on Buying More Houses with Cryptocurrency


How to Buy More Real Estate with CRYPTOCURRENCY
with Mike Cherwenka, Tolla Cherwenka
& Special Guests Garland Harris & Bryan Stone

Atlanta REIA Members Can Attend at No Charge. This month,
Guests Can RSVP Online Now for $20 or Pay $25 at the Door.

What is cryptocurrency? Is it just a passing fad or is it the future? And what the heck does cryptocurrency have to do with real estate investing?

Well, if you would like to learn much more about this fascinating new topic, join us at the upcoming Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on Monday, August 13th from 5PM-9PM at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA for a "Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency" with Mike Cherwenka, Tolla Cherwenka and Special Guests Garland Harris & Bryan Stone.

Join us on the meeting where Mike & Tolla will cover...

- What is cryptocurrency and why should you care?
- Is cryptocurrency a fad or is it the currency of the near future?
- What does cryptocurrency have to do with real estate investing?
- How can you use cryptocurrency to do more deals?
- How do you get started using cryptocurrency today?
- Where do you get more information on cryptocurrency?
- Answers to your cryptocurrency questions and more!

Mike Cherwenka is Atlanta’s leading expert in residential quick turn real estate. Mike has wholesaled and fixed and flipped over 2,050 single family homes since 1996 and is known as the “Godfather of Wholesaling”. Mike is known for literally transforming blighted communities into beautiful neighborhoods. His niche is “Making Money in the Hood”. As true “Transaction Engineer”, nobody find bargains like Mike.

Tolla Cherwenka is an internationally renowned Business Operation Transformation Executive, thought leader, startup advisor and keynote speaker. Tolla started working, writing algorithms, for the federal government at the at the age of 15 in Seoul, Korea. Her teenage job morphed into a lifelong passion for creating the intersection between business and technology. She is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Goldmine Properties, Inc. and with her husband Mike, heads up Cherwenka Realty Team, a boutique realtor specializing in luxury real estate.

Garland Harris is CEO and Founder of Troptions Corp. "Troptions" is an asset-supported trade system secured by the Bitcoin block chain. Troptions can be exchanged for US currency, other cryptocurrencies or used to trade for items of value. Unique to Troptions is the ability to trade for offerings that are exclusively within the Troptions system. Mr. Harris steadfastly focuses on one thing only, "the value of Troptions and the Liquidity of Troptions".

Bryan Stone is President of Troptins Corp, has been building companies for over 38 years, starting with his first at the age of 19. Mr. Stone is also the founder of The Real Estate Connections. As a public speaker, he holds seminars in real estate as well as other business topics. The Real Estate Connections which also has a construction arm along with educating real estate investors, to date “TREC” has over 9500 members nationwide.

If you've been hearing about cryptocurrency and want to learn more about it and how it relates to real estate investing, join us at Atlanta REIA on Tuesday, July 24th to find out more! Take Action and RSVP Now!

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