Atlanta REIA with Amy Ransdell on Social Media Success for Real Estate Investors


How to Turn Your Social Media into a Lead Generating Machine Using Automation
with Amy Ransdell

Atlanta REIA Members Can Attend at No Charge. This month,
Guests Can RSVP Online Now for $20 or Pay $25 at the Door.

If you’d like to turn your social media into a highly profitable lead generating machine, make sure that you don’t miss the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on Monday, November 12th from 5PM-9PM at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA with local real estate investing expert, Amy Ransdell!

Never before in history have we had a platform that that gives you the ability to establish your brand faster and more cost effectively with greater reach and greater potential to find and convert leads than we do now with social media.

The prospects that we are trying to connect with everyday are spending as much as 2 hours per day on average browsing social media. So, if you aren't putting your company, your solutions, and your opportunities on social media, then you are missing out on lost money, lost deals, lost time.

The first step is accepting that social media is a tool for your business and not just entertainment. From there, automated value-add content & lead generating campaigns will sky rocket your business.

- Are you using social media to expand your business?
- Do you view social media as a waste of time or as the massive market exposure opportunity that it is?
- Are you consistently using social media but don't see the reward for all the effort?
- Are you READY for more lenders, more buyers, more property leads, more deals in your pipeline?

JOIN me at Atlanta REIA on Monday, November 12th for EXACTLY how you can turn social media into lead generating machine for every business you own.

Together we are going to:

- Learn how to generate leads automatically 24/7
- See the exponential results you can have making some key changes to how you manage social media
- Get the checklists you need, from basics to advanced, to take your existing social media effort to the next level
- See how to start earning money on-line even when you are off-line
- Grow and expand your brand starting immediately
- Answer your questions and more!

If you've been wanting to learn how to leverage social media to generate more leads for your business, join us at Atlanta REIA on Monday, November 12th to find out more! Take Action and RSVP Now! We look forward to seeing you at this month’s main meeting!


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