Atlanta REIA on Deal Structuring with Larry Harbolt


Buy More Houses This Year by Learning More Than One Way to Buy
with Larry Harbolt

Are You Missing Out On Deals Because You Only Know One Technique to Buy Houses? Let Larry Harbolt Show You How to Add One to Five Extra Deals Every Month to Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Here are a few words from Larry Harbolt about his upcoming presentation at the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on Monday, June 10th from 5PM-9PM at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA where he will be teaching attendees different ways to buy houses than paying all cash...

One thing I know for sure, real estate markets come, and they go. At times they get hot, and other times they cool off in every area of the country. Over the 40 years I've been in the business I have seen the market conditions change numerous times. One thing I've learned over the years is, depending on how you buy properties makes a vast difference of how much profit you make from the deals you do.

On Monday, June 10th, I will be sharing what I have learned why slow markets and economic conditions never will be a factor to your business ever again. I will be sharing the "7" reasons why most investors are not making the kind of money they should be making. I know not everyone suffers from all of the "7" issues, but I will guarantee everyone is suffering from one or more of these simple to change matters. Once you are aware of what is challenging your success, it will be much easier to maximize your profits in your real estate business.

Let Me Ask You - Which Type of Investor Are You?

1) Thinking About Becoming a Real Estate Investor but Don't Know How to Get Started?
2) Already an Investor Who Would Like to Be More Effective Finding and Buying More Properties?
3) Already Successful as An Investor Who Wants to Move to the Next Level?

Whichever Box You Checked You Don't Want to Miss Hearing Me Monday Evening!

At the Meeting, I Will Share With You:

- Those "7" Reasons Why Most Investors Fail Today. Do You Suffer From Any of These Issues?
- Why Market Conditions and Economic Cycles No Longer Need to Have An Effect On the Way, You Do Your Real Estate Business.
- How to Quickly Recognize Which Deals are Money Makers and Which Are Money Pits.
- Immediately Recognize the Highest and Best Use of Each Property to Maximize Profits.
- Where to Find Property Your Competition Have No Idea Are Available.
- How to Structure Offers Giving the Seller What They Want, and You Get What You Want. It's All In the Numbers.
- I Will Show You How to Quickly Eliminate Your Competition. They Won't Have a Clue What You Are Doing.
- Why You Won't Need Money or Good Credit to Buy Real Estate.
- You Can Use a Little Known technique to Give the Seller Quick Cash You Don't Have Without the Need to Borrow.
- How to Create the Perfect Wholesale/Flip Deals.
- How You Can Create Huge Profits Without Having Property Ownership.
- Answers to your vacation rentals questions and more!

I will be showing everyone who attends Monday, June 10th a new strategy I have never seen anyone else teach that I have been using for years that has given me the ability to do deals others can't. With this one idea can increase your bottom line $100,000 or more every year. You don't want to miss this technique. I have decided to share with all who want to make more money and do more deals.

Be Sure to join me June 10th, and again Saturday, June 15th for a full day Creative Deal Structuring Workshop where I will be sharing the ideas very few investors use In today's market.

So, bring a notepad, bring a friend, and get to this meeting since it could dramatically affect your monthly cash flow and real estate investing business forever! RSVP NOW & DON'T MISS IT!

PLEASE NOTE: Being a member of our meetup group is free. But being an official, card carrying member of Atlanta REIA is not free. However, official membership starts at only $100/year. For more information on membership, see