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We have over 100 organizers, and we play FREE & FRIENDLY tennis nearly every day, all over METRO ATLANTA inside and outside the perimeter.

ATAMOS is an elitist group of supermodels and pro tennis athletes. lol... We are actually a mix of everyday people at all levels (Pro's to Beginners)...just a fun group without the OBLIGATIONS of a league.

It's difficult to coordinate schedules with tennis partners, and that's why we have this group. No need to ask anyone anything. Just rsvp/show up. Something comes up later then just change rsvp to 'no'. It's so easy even a Geico customer can do it. :) Yep, Geico customers pay too much just like ALTA,Peach,T2,KSWISS,etc pay too much in "obligations" and sometimes cost.

ATAMOS is the free alternative with no obligation to play in high heat or other bad weather conditions or bad personal timing. Here, you can always change your RSVP to 'No' all the way up to the time of event without needing to provide a reason or feel guilty. You can also show up late and no big deal. :)

People that play in ALTA (or leagues) have obligations to play their "official" matches.. So when it rains they have to cancel their other personal events on the days it's not raining just to play their missed matches. You see with ATAMOS you don't have anything messing up your personal schedule... essentially no obligations! Play tennis when YOU want to, when YOU have time. But it's not just the "when", it's also the "Where". Here you can play ANYWHERE! :)

It gets even better!! There is only honesty here because people have no motive to lie about their level. The other leagues it's like the wild west in which experts can play at lower levels to rack up the wins!

So there are some HUGE benefits of being in this group!

If you don't find a perfect time/place already listed on our calendar then simply ask to be an organizer and I'll make you one. Then you'll be able to plan your perfect event. It's just a bulletin board really. However, it's very effective at getting a game up because people like to have it already planned out. You can either contact me to request to be an organizer or update your profile (http://www.meetup.com/AtlantaTennis/profile) questions and I'll get around to seeing it eventually.



Where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
Just come play tennis, make friends and have fun. Truly all levels of players are welcome. Sense of humor is mandatory. Don't leave home without it! :)
Tennis pros and tennis beginners are always welcome, but Tennis Nazi's are not! This means tolerance to everyone. I've never seen any problems while doing this, and it was mostly said in jest, but still hope to convey the message of good will and understanding.

We'll play at various areas in and around Atlanta and perhaps far beyond (always open for suggestions)

I give everyone an opportunity to plan their own events. It's truly "open source" tennis at its finest!

In past events of other types we sometimes do other things afterward, so I'm keeping the idea open of "and maybe other stuff". I've been to many events when someone would say "lets" and next thing ya know we are all bowling, hiking, eating dinner, lunch, or breakfast at Tiffany's, on and on. :)
... a common ground to start from.
And I say Tennis, Well, that's the one thing we've got. As I recall, I think, we all kinda liked it.¶ lol

Beware. I throw a lot of joke grenades. Some are just duds and some take 8 seconds before you get it. Generally, there are no people, children, or farm animals hurt by the uncontrollable shrapnel.

First, there will be a rigorous test involving a 1-2 word thesis on the meaning of ATAMOS in Spanish. Then, and only then will you be able, to tie, it all together and be worthy of your membership.

Bonus Point if you also get the Greek meaning of - "Atomos" - it was actually pronounced atahmohs in ancient Greek but translated as atomos in text for present translation).
Democritus, the father of modern science, coined the term of "atomos" about 2000 years ahead of his time. "Can not be cut, indivisible"

ATAMOS is the free NO OBLIGATION alternative to all the commercial tennis groups. It is completely free. As Lincoln would say, it's "of the people, by the people, for the people, and shall not perish from the earth".

again- If you want to be a leader/assistant organizer, answer the question with a yes in your profile (http://www.meetup.com/AtlantaTennis/profile).

Upcoming events (5+)

Clarkston/Tucker, Intermediate, Thursdays

555 N Indian Creek Dr

Tired of sitting around waiting for a court to open up or playing rotation doubles on one court with 6-8 other players? This Meetup is for you! With 10 courts at the GSU Clarkston Campus we can play singles, doubles or grab a court to hit around. This is primarily for intermediate players, so if you are beginner or advanced be sure to use the comment section to make sure there will be another player at your level.

Atlanta, All levels, Grant Park, repeats Thursdays

Grant Park Recreation Center

Don't be afraid to be the first to sign up to get the ball rolling. Or rather, bouncing! There are many wanting to play tennis here and coming to this page and thinking "too bad nobody signed up". lol So sign up, have fun! These are free courts, so it's first come first serve. Until someone takes over this event and changes these details, at least one person will have to say how to find them there. It's not a requirement, especially if the profile pictures are clear and easy enough to figure out. I highly encourage you to use this site as a means to organize your tennis events. Its much easier to determine who is going to be there and not having to wait on emails to cross back and forth between several people discussing the weather. :) Just sign up and show up. Or sign up and cancel later without need of constantly explaining! So much easier this way. Awesome, isn't it? If you want to host this event at a different time or place just delete all these details and make it your own. ANYONE can edit this, even if you arent an organizer! One last thought... If you are signed up and want to make sure that one or more of the other attendees will be there then just ask them to confirm. Sign up now and if you later find you can't make it just change RSVP to 'no' if you need to cancel.

Saturday Fun Doubles.

Location visible to members

Let's play some fun doubles!! INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS ONLY PLEASE. NO BEGINNER OR ADVANCED PLAYERS. RSVP'S CLOSE AT 1PM. There is a 4 player maximum, but there is a Waitlist available. Find us behind the pool and cabana. WALTER MASON EVENT HOST & MEETUP TENNIS ORGANIZER SINCE 2012.

Atlanta, All levels, Candler Park, repeats Sundays

This event is for anyone in the midtown/highlands/inman park area that wants to hit a few balls on Sundays! The focus will be to get some good competitive gameplay while working on improving Please RSVP if you plan on coming, and be committed. If there are less than 2 RSVPs 1 hour before the event starts, you can assume it is cancelled. Bring tennis balls if you have them! Satelite view of the courts. (http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Atlanta,+Fulton,+Georgia&ll=33.766394,-84.33639&spn=0.001507,0.00284&t=h&z=19) You will find the courts somewhat hidden behind the trees when you park your car.

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