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We are a technology training startup in the Raleigh, NC area who pride ourselves on being passionate about all aspects of IT. We are primarily focused, and have years of experience in the areas of WebDev, DevOps, and AWS Cloud Services. We decided to start this group to help educate those in the area that are as excited about technology as we are by sharing some of the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated over the years with anyone else that shares in our passion.

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Introduction to CloudFormation

5720 Creedmoor Rd

For our first scheduled meetup, we would like to kick off with an Introduction to CloudFormation session. In this session, we will cover the anatomy of a CloudFormation Template. We will go over how to create, update and delete CloudFormation stacks in the AWS Console. We we also go over how to use CloudFormation Stacksets to roll out infrastructure to multiple regions/accounts. We will also cover CloudFormation best practices when creating, managing and storing templates via Git. If you are an advanced CloudFormation ninja, then this session may be a little boring for you, however if you are just getting started, or have no experience with CloudFormation then this session will be filled with golden nuggets to get you going or help you understand IaC via CloudFormation a little better. For those of you that are self-proclaimed CloudFormation Ninja's, we will be hosting an advanced CloudFormation session at some point in the future that will build off of the concepts that we will cover in this session. Our office is located on 5720 Creedmoor Rd. We have a lower level office with a direct entrance around the back of the building. We will have signs around the building to guide folks to the back entrance on the date of the event. If CloudFormation is a topic of interest for you, then please come on over to our office location and join us for some pizza, beer and a good discussion on IaC !! Space is a little limited, we can accommodate 30-35 folks comfortably so if you RSVP for the event and find that you will not be able to make it, please update your RSVP accordingly to allow any folks on the wait list the opportunity to attend. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, and we look forward to seeing you all at our first Atlantean Meetup event !!

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