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What we’re about

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Purpose of this group is to discuss anarchocapitalism (i.e. anarcho-libertarianism = libertarianism) and related topics. In the context massively growing debt & devaluing of the USD, medicofascist covid lockdown measures, further over-extension of US imperialism with recent collapse of another Vietnam in Afghanistan (thanks Scott Horton for expose), massive propagandist lies as status quo corporate media, the ideas of anarcholibertarianism have never been more relevant with regard to recognizing the state for what it is: an unnecessary evil.

We subscribe to the Austrian School of Economics which recognizes value is subject, inflation is an increase in the money supply (not dubious CPI indices), & government economic intervention is uniform tomfoolery.

Our group doesn't simply "live in ancapistan in our heads" (i.e. exclusively armchair philosophize) but applies our philosophy to the practical realities of our world.


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