What we're about

The Atlassian Users Aarhus Group strives to support the prospering Atlassian community in Denmark by facilitating meetups and events for Atlassian enthusiasts and users to share knowledge and encourage better use of Atlassian tools. We seek to:

1. Share and learn Atlassian product knowledge, best practices, and case studies with fellow current and prospective users.

2. Gather feature requests and enhancements for Atlassian to keep producing great products.

3. Network and socialize with fellow Atlassian product users.

This user group is open to all current and prospective Atlassian product users interested in knowledge sharing and mingling with fellow Atlassian users.

Past events (9)

ACE Aarhus mødes fysisk i september

Needs a location

Aarhus Ace November Virtuel event Aarhus

This event has passed

ACE Aarhus - Late summer Event 2020

This event has passed

AUG Aarhus - ventermøde

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