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Looking for some action/adventure in your life? Something to test your physical limits and push yourself to new heights? You've come to the right place. Attract-Athletic is a group for people ages 21-50 who love sports, action, adventures, and meeting new people. We want the strong, the quick, the agile, the fearless, the graceful, and all those who aspire to be. This is YOUR group.


Meetup, Inc. and Attract-Athletic do NOT maintain health, auto, home, life or other insurance policies applicable to members of Attract-Athletic. This is a notice to you that risks associated with you and your guests participation in Attract-Athletic events are solely your responsibility. Attendance at an Attract-Athletic event is your acknowledgement that you assume all risk and that you release Attract-Athletic and members of Attract-Athletic from any and all liability for personal injury, property damage, or death. Attract-Athletic urges members to obtain insurance BEFORE participating in Attract-Athletic events.


If any member receives a message from someone they deem as inappropriate or offensive, please message me with the members profile name and I'll personally investigate to have them removed, not just from Attract-Athletic but from Meetup ENTIRELY. I have a zero tolerance policy on ANY type harassment or bullying of any kind in my group. Anyone found engaging in this behavior will be removed and BANNED.

GUYS! Yes, I'm talking to the men in this group (sure, this could apply to some women, but let's be honest, it's mostly men). Though Attract-Athletic is not a singles group, I acknowledge that many people in Meetup are single and looking, but please DO NOT send any women messages that are rude, sexually aggressive, suggestive or just plain weird/creepy. Not sure if your message is creepy/weird? Here are some guidelines:

(1) Are you complimenting some part of her body or appearance that could be interpreted as sexual? If yes, that's SO creepy. You will be punted.

(2) Are you asking her out on a date when you've NEVER met her? If yes, that can be seen as creepy. This isn't Match.com. At least attend an event, see if you have some kind of mutual connection in person first. Then yeah, sure, message a lady like a gentleman. And don't lead with a dick pic as your introduction.

(3) Are you sending the 'ol "I can't wait to meet you at the next event!" message, while sitting at home in the dark with your shirt off as you massage your crotch in anticipation and you've never met this woman prior at any events? Oh my god! Even I'm pepper-spraying you! Don't do that, ever! The lady will absolutely UN-RSVP to avoid you.

Guys, if you've messaged a woman and she didn't respond to something you believe was not at all creepy and just being friendly (riiiiiiight *wink*), don't flip out and start cursing her out because your delicate, tender man-feelings are hurt. Lame guys do that. Always be a gentleman, regardless.

Ladies, if any guy messages you anything rude, weird, or creepy, please let me know. Give me his username. It will be investigated and I WILL PUNT THEM if needed. I want ATTRACT-ATHLETIC to be a safe group for all who attend.

**Disclaimer: If you are Brad Pitt or which ever the current male sex symbol is, disregard all these guidelines as none of them apply to you. For everyone else, don't be that creepy Meetup dude.

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🎈 The BIG BOUNCE Inflatable Obstacle Course

Miramar Regional Park

Anytime I see a bounce house, I think about barreling into it and shoving any toddler I see out of my way. My dream of an adults only bounce house has been answered and surpassed with this HUGE inflatable obstacle course! TICKET AND PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Tickets are $28, but we're getting a 10% group discount making it $25. Head to the link below which will take you directly to the adult time slot for the 4pm obstacle course that includes a 6pm Timed Bounce House session (which we'll do after attacking the Giant Obstacle Course.) https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/bba-miami-fl/items/123330/availability/206808372/book/?sheet=167022&full-items=yes&flow=146687 Under the waiver, click "Add promo or discount code" and type in "10PER9AXJ" for 10% off One ticket buys you THREE BOUNCE EXPERIENCES from 4pm to 7pm featuring: The Giant - America's Biggest Inflatable Obstacle Course The World’s Biggest Bounce House (6pm time slot) airSPACE – Slides, Ball Pits, a 60ft tall maze and more! There will also be food trucks on site for when we're done.

💪 2019 Ultimate Fitness Athlete Competition

Joseph C. Carter Park

This event is being hosted by Ultimate Fitness Athlete (UFA) to uncover, seek out, create, and provide, the Ultimate Fitness Challenges and RANK the top 1 million Fitness and Strength Athletes in the World. ANYONE can come out to watch OR register to compete and test their skills against elite athletes or just your friends from the gym where you train for FUN. The UFA has it all. Become part of the fast growing UFA Community. TICKETS (for spectators) $12 in advance or $17 at the door. TICKETS (for competitors) visit: https://ultimatefitnessathlete.com/register/ DIVISIONS: Individual, Dynamic Duos, and Teams. All Winners Drug Tested. Enter a Team for FREE for the First 12 Gyms to Register. Top finishers win vacations to Vegas, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. For those who would like to COMPETE, The UFA will ensure all of our athletes have a level playing field and are competing against their peers. All competitions have the same categories for an athlete to enter. See list of competitions here: https://ultimatefitnessathlete.com/competitions/ 1) The Open: Compete against all Comers. Anyone who enters this competition wants to see how they do against anyone who enters this category who is in their weight class regardless of age! If you are 35, 40 or 50 years old and think you are just as good as the 21 year old, Well the UFA says “Go For It”. 2) Age & Weight Groups: Just like Bodybuilding you will compete against the person that is in your weight class and your age. Also at the event will be food trucks, great vendor Deals and a Zumba class for charity. For any questions, contact host Phillip Ferrer @[masked]

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