Melony J.Melony J.

Melony J.



Pompano Beach, FL

Joined group

May 30, 2018

What sports/physical activities do you like to play and/or which do you like to watch?

I like archery, volleyball,college football and figure skating.

Are you within the group demographics of 21 - 50 years of age? (it's okay if you're a couple years older)

yes, I am

If you are MALE, Do you have a profile picture where your face is CLEARLY visible? If not, please upload one before joining. All Men are required to have a photo. Women, photos are optional if you'd like to include one

I am female

Will you do your absolute best to honor your RSVP and to update it if you are unable to attend an event as a courtesy to the event host? Please note, Two (2) No-Shows, and you may be ejected from the group.

Yes, I will