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Challenges with implementing ML in Business - Max Kelsen Ltd
# Challenges with implementing ML in Business As organisations continue to adopt ML strategies, they grapple with how to take findings from research and apply them into business applications. There are several challenges that need to be resolved first. Organisations rarely have clean, structured data that is suited for machine learning. Projects risk turning into data extracting/cleaning exercises with little time spent on the machine learning component. Overcoming these challenges is essential before machine learning techniques can be truly valuable. Nicholas and Samuel will explore three different challenges with implementing ML for business with reference to actual commercial applications: (1) Recommender systems using a sequential events-based topology; (2) Building a richer data frame for ML from text using NLP; (3) Imputation and encoding techniques for sparse and categorical data. They'll also briefly explore what makes a good ML problem, and finally chat about some of their latest research, including; Reinforcement Learning, and Integrating AI and Genomics to assist in cancer treatment. What a content-rich evening! __________________________ Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry (CEO) ================================ Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry co-founded Max Kelsen in 2015 to provide big data and ML services to clients large and small. Prior to this, Nick was consulting for companies across a range of industries to assist with their technology requirements. He holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics from the University of Queensland. Nick has a deep theoretical and applied understanding of cutting-edge ML techniques, and has been widely recognised as a domain expert in this field. He has spoken at AI meetups around Australia, and also at conferences such as Gartner ITXPO, NSW Gov DC, Urbanity and IBM Think 2018. Nick co-founded CityShape in 2016, an application focused on aggregating property development planning data and serves as its CTO. In 2017, Nick co-founded cognitiveCX, a platform for enterprises to analyse and process unstructured data from any source. Samuel Irvine Casey (COO) ========================== Samuel Irvine Casey is the COO and co-founder of Max Kelsen and applies his knowledge in ML to develop solutions that allow clients to use their data to inform decision-making. Samuel holds a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) and Bachelor of Laws (Hon Class I) from the University of Queensland. Samuel is considered to be a domain expert in the implementation of ML solutions to enterprise and government, and is a regular speaker at AI events such as Brisbane AI, Cognitive Melbourne and IBM Think 2018. Samuel also has experience in implementing machine learning solutions into custom software products through his role as CPO and co-founder of CityShape, and COO and co-founder of cognitiveCX. Athon Millane (ML Engineer) =========================== Athon works in model selection and tuning across a number of client projects. He's worked with several high profile clients across the legal, banking and government sector to predict key metrics to drive increased business efficiency. Athon has also worked on cutting-edge text classification research in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology, as well as building and optimising a bespoke recommendation platform for EB Games. He is an advanced user of Tensorflow and Google Cloud Platform. Athon will also be overseeing the recently awarded CRC-P project integrating AI and genomics to advance the field of precision medicine. ________________________________ The venue and catering will be provided by our Key Sponsor: IBM. Thank you! There will be vegan and gluten free pizzas available. The event may be filmed and the recording may be made publicly available. Our meetups are inclusive and harassment is not tolerated. For more information, see our Code of Conduct:

Client Zone, Level 4, IBM Building

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