From AI systems to real thinking tools - Jorn Bettin


From artificially intelligent systems towards real thinking tools and human scale models that improve both human and machine learning

In an increasingly software and data-intensive human world, the objective of human-scale computing is to improve filtering, collaboration, thinking, and learning:

1. between humans,
2. between humans and software systems,
3. and between software systems.

This objective is another way of stating the goal of developing a 'language and interaction style' that is better than any formal or informal language reliant on linear syntax.


Jorn Bettin is a Partner at S23M and loves building and working with high-performance teams. Jorn works with top-level subject matter experts and transdisciplinary teams to uncover and activate deep domain knowledge.

Jorn has a background in mathematics and his experience covers the following industries: logistics, industrial automation, healthcare, insurance, banking, legal and accounting, telecommunications, electricity, and government.

S23M’s MODA + MODE thinking tools complement Kaizen and agile techniques, enabling people and software systems to interact in the simplest possible way. MODA + MODE techniques create bridges of understanding between disciplines and organisational silos.

Jorn is passionate about open innovation and about addressing challenges that go beyond the established framework of research in industry, government and academia via the quarterly CIIC unconference. He is a co-author of a number of books on model driven product line engineering, is an expert on semantic interoperability, and has worked in methodology leadership roles at IBM in the 1990s.

Jorn is also part of Autistic Collaboration – a mutual support hub for neurodivergent individuals and ventures, and advises clients on the creation of inclusive cultures of innovation and knowledge sharing.


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INDUSTRY HIGHLIGHT: Dr Alyona Medelyan - Thematic

Using AI at Thematic

Alyona will show a demo of Thematic and a description of how AI is used in the product.

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